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Rep. Robert Cornejo (Courtesy of Tim Bommell/HOUSE COMMS)

Up Close and Personal with Rep. Robert Cornejo

Up Close and Personal with Rep. Robert Cornejo

Rep. Robert Cornejo made his bid for House Speaker right at the tail-end of session, becoming the first official candidate for what’s expected to be a tight leadership race when current Speaker Todd Richardson term limits at the end of the 2017 session.  He currently chairs the House General Laws Committee, one of the more wide-ranging


Jetton heading to Greece in search of Master’s degree

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – It seems that it’s back to school for Missouri’s former House Speaker, Rod Jetton. In a Facebook post late Monday night, Jetton announced that he would be moving to Greece to work on his Master of Arts degree at the University of Macedonia.   “I had a dream as a kid

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This Week in Missouri Politics: Lots of trust in Steelman; Richardson makes it clear who runs the house

The new year rang in with every shrieking cries of alarm over a budget deficit that some of the more dramatic put at over $500 million. This led to a great deal of weeping and gnashing of teeth about the apocalyptic budget shortfalls. However, in the end, it came down to the in-home care providers

Photo courtesy of Eric Greitens' Facebook page

Ten Best and Five Worst Days of the Greitens Administration Thus Far

Gov. Eric Greitens rode a wave of Trumpism to the Governor’s Mansion, and combined with the Republican supermajorities in the General Assembly, he has already begun leaving a mark on the state. We took a look at his 10 best days in office that are mostly filled with accomplishments that Republicans have long lusted for,


Lt. Gov. Parson meets with new U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson welcomed the new U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue to the Show-Me State this week. Friday morning in Kansas City. Former Georgia Gov. Perdue spent Friday morning in Kansas City, visiting the Midwest just a few days after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate. “Secretary Perdue and

Boeing's T-X T2 takes off in its first flight. (Courtesy of Boeing)

St. Louis’ Boeing vies with two others for major defense contract

The United States’ next trainer plane could be built on foreign soil. A major defense contract for the U.S. Air Force’s Advanced Pilot Training competition, known as the T-X Trainer, is scheduled to be decided by the end of 2017, and the price tag attached to the contract weighs in at a whopping $16 billion.

Gov. Eric Greitens

100 Days Later: New statewide elected officials rise to a host of challenges in first days on job

By Benjamin Peters and Travis Zimpfer JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Following a landslide victory in the November elections, the Missouri GOP took over every statewide office on the ballot. And now, 100 days after being sworn in, each Republican has since been tested in some way or another, each rising to the occasion to meet


2018 Tip Sheet: House

House Races Elected in 2010 – 43 The current breakdown of the huge 2010 class is 35 Republicans and eight Democrats. Interesting to note, that class is the same size as the junior class, which stands at 43 members. This was the class elected after Obamacare in the huge Republican wave and many Democrats have