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Texts from the Trail: Presidential politics dividing Missouri politicos into different camps

the sides began to align in Missouri in the presidential race. House Speaker Todd Richardson, who is leading the Marco Rubio effort, was joined by Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard and Congressman Jason Smith, in rolling out several dozen state legislators joining him in endorsing the Florida senator for president. The Speaker told Mark Reardon

Halt the relocation of Syrian refugees into Missouri

By Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder This week I urged Governor Jay Nixon to take every step necessary to halt the relocation of Syrian refugees into Missouri. Other lawmakers and candidates for office followed suit. As I wrote to Governor Nixon, the safety and security of all Missourians must be our top priority. Nixon wants to

Texts from the Trail: Republican gubernatorial primary heats up

the Republican gubernatorial primary saw some of its first public sparks this week when a group named Patriots for America launched a website accusing Eric Greitens of not being the conservative outsider he claims. The group switched two letters in the spelling of the candidate’s name in the url to make, and proceeded to make a

View from the Chair: Missourians deserve solutions, not excuses

By Stephen R. Miller, MHTC Chairman   As the Commission approached the task of recruiting a new director to lead our department of transportation, the national search firm warned us to be realistic with our expectations. Why would someone want to come to a state that ranked near the bottom in transportation funding, had spent the

Curtman: Happy Veterans Day. Thank you for your service.

American exceptionalism. Look no further than the American veteran. They are not exceptional just because of where they fought; they are exceptional because of why they fought. Throughout world history, armies have come and gone but what sets the American veteran apart doesn’t have so much to do with the uniform they wore or the

Providing a Better Life for Our Veterans

By David A. Cook, UFCW Local 655 President Veterans Day is a time to pay tribute to the service and sacrifices of all U.S. military veterans. But acknowledging what these amazing men and women have done for our country is not enough. We must do more. To truly honor our veterans, Veterans Day must be

This Veterans Day, Honor Their Service by Recognizing Their Skills

By Secretary of State Jason Kander   As a veteran and statewide officeholder, I’m often asked to speak at various events throughout our state honoring veterans and our military. Dedications, dinners, parades, marches, festivals—these are all very worthy efforts and wonderful tributes, but what really motivates me is helping our veterans and those currently serving


Working together to pass comprehensive ethics reform

by Gov. Jay Nixon Missourians deserve a state government that reflects their values of honesty, integrity, and accountability.  And while there are a great many dedicated public servants in the Missouri General Assembly, their efforts are often tarnished by a culture in which some lose their way. That is why, when legislators return to the

Kendrick: Intern policy changes a step

By Kip Kendrick On Friday, House Speaker Todd Richardson released the long awaited Intern Policy recommendations in response to last session’s scandal involving the former Speaker and an intern.  I am pleased that my recommendations were taken seriously by Speaker Richardson and incorporated into his recommendations.  The policy changes, when implemented, will be an important