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Republicans and the media will miss Roger Ailes

Republicans and the media will miss Roger Ailes

In a stunning turn of events that most folks in Missouri won’t pay much attention to, a major shift in the east coast establishment occurred as Roger Ailes left Fox News after a string of sexual harassment complaints.  It might matter more to Missourians than you think. He was a leading senior statesman among national

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Missouri System Review Commission Should Prioritize Curriculum Transparency

By Gregg Keller The mostly-manufactured “unrest” at the University of Missouri – Columbia campus and the actions of one disgraced professor perfectly illustrate why changes are needed within the University of Missouri System.  The newly-created University of Missouri System Review Commission has a tremendous opportunity to recommend significant reforms to improve the standing and operations

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Will Missouri Republicans turn the AG office over to MU?

There are a lot of things going great in the state of Missouri, but one institution that has been struggling by any definition is the University of Missouri – Columbia. If you have to create a committee to whitewash your problems, it’s kind of its own admission that there are major problems to start with.

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A View from the Commission: Thank you, Steve Miller.

by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission Former Commission Chair Steve Miller started this newsletter back in March of 2014 to keep transportation stakeholders, elected officials, the media and others abreast of the many issues we face as we seek to deliver the type of transportation system that Missourians want and deserve. Since that first


Court of Appeals deals Reynolds American’s ballot measure a critical blow

By Andy Arnold   Earlier today, the Missouri Court of Appeals – Western District rendered a decision that could be the final straw that breaks Joe Camel’s back and keeps the Reynolds American backed Raise Your Hands for Kids (RYH4K) ballot measure to raise Missouri cigarette taxes by as much as $1.27 a pack off

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If it were you, they’d throw you in jail

It has taken me a while, but I’ve come to believe that some of the Ferguson protestors have a point. It’s undeniable that there are two very, very different systems of justice in our nation. Imagine the difference in being a young black man with a government job of a modest income and being an elderly

Cigna-Anthem Merger Would Harm Consumers, Competition

To the Editor: Missouri’s largest physician and hospital organizations took notice of Rep. Eric Burlison’s suggestion (Mailbag, June 28) that the proposed merger of health insurance giants Anthem and Cigna could benefit Missouri consumers. While he raises some interesting points, a widely-embraced and very different viewpoint contends that the merger would significantly reduce insurance market

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I get easily confused, are moderates good or bad?

I have to admit I’m just a simple hillbilly. Admittedly, I ain’t never been to an Ivy League school like Yale. However, one time I did get poison ivy in a patch of woods round by Yukon, Missourah. For our Ivy League readers, that’s in central Texas County. Maybe that’s why I get so easily