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A Tribute to Tom

A Tribute to Tom

by Jack B. Spooner Certain media outlets, including the Post Dispatch, are using the tragic and heart wrenching passing of our friend and colleague, a dedicated family man and public servant, to advertise a private matter and to damage Republicans.  If the appalling use of a private voice mail message wasn’t enough, the inexcusable attempt to


Toward a more memorable, meaningful Lincoln Day weekend

by John Combest You never forget your first time. Mine happened my senior year of high school, that precious yet precarious precipice between being a boy and a man. Even better, it was Valentine’s Day weekend and I was eager, like every other teenager who had heard about it, read about it, but never experienced


OP ED: Keystone is Part of the Plan

by Senator Wayne Wallingford, representing the 27th Senate District, including  Bollinger, Cape Girardeau, Madison, Perry, Scott, and Wayne Counties “So let’s set our sights higher than a single oil pipeline.” That was President Obama’s first-ever reference to the Keystone XL Pipeline in a State of the Union address. He’s delivered six such addresses in the time he’s been


OP ED: Opening the door to an historic opportunity for Missouri agriculture

Nearly sixty years have passed since the Cuban Missile Crisis, but many in our generation still remember vividly the events that brought our nation to the brink of nuclear war.  Back then, restoring normal diplomatic relations with Cuba – let alone exchanging goods and services – was unthinkable. While there remain serious political, moral and


PRESS RELEASE: The Keystone Pipeline – A Commonsense Approach

News from Senator Claire McCaskill   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 29, 2015         Contact: Sarah Feldman (print) or Anamarie Rebori (broadcast) – 202-228-6263    The Keystone Pipeline – A Commonsense Approach   FOR PUBLICATION A column by U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (454 words)   During my career, I’ve never been afraid to pick a fight—including with the leaders of


We have officially arrived…and we owe it all to our readers

Our readers will particularly understand being in a campaign as the hopeless underdog, where you’re so irrelevant that your competitor doesn’t even mention your name. So you work your ass off for months in obscurity, and then comes that moment when out of nowhere your opponent attacks you. And that’s the moment when you know


Column: Missouri’s Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Slightly Higher than National Average

By Diane Olson Fall is in the air. Harvest is nearing completion. Thanksgiving is almost here! Thanksgiving brings together family and friends to share a mostly traditional meal and fellowship. As a child growing up in a family retail food business, I recall the frenzy of making sure all the staples for the feast day


Column: Three big mistakes campaigns make

by Robert Knodell In recent years, coverage of political campaigns has begun to mirror coverage of sports or financial markets. This is a welcome development for those us who are political junkies, as there are numerous publications (such as this one), channels, blogs, and social media platforms that cover even down-ballot campaigns in blow-by-blow detail.


Justice Matters: Honoring the Bill of Rights

16 September 2014 The following reflections of Missouri Chief Justice Mary R. Russell make up her most recent Justice Matters column. Many milestones exist in our country’s history, which are often forgotten. Perhaps equally as important as July 4th, but little remembered, is September 17th, 1787 – the date when the United States Constitution was signed inPhiladelphia.   Drafted

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Column: Regular School Attendance is the Law

The following reflections of Missouri Chief Justice Mary R. Russell make up her most recent Justice Matters column. As school bells ring and children all across our state enter classrooms, I am reminded that I, too, will be going back to school again. Thursday mornings at 7:45, wearing my black robe, I meet with students at the Lewis