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Wallingford speaking on the floor earlier during session.

Energy Issues Are Important As We Prepare to Vote

Energy Issues Are Important As We Prepare to Vote

In my role as Chairman of Missouri Vets4Energy, I want to remind voters of the importance of our nation’s energy renaissance in the upcoming election on November 8. At both the state and national level, there is much discussion regarding job creation and economic growth. I urge voters to pay close attention to policy discussions that impact our

Lt. gov. Kinder speaks at a campaign event in St. Louis July 15, 2016 (Travis Zimpfer/MISSOURI TIMES)

My fond farewell (really) to Peter Kinder

by Jeff Mazur It’s been a running joke for years among my Missouri Democratic political friends that we’d find great sadness when Peter Kinder no longer held office. Kinder is someone we can chuckle at, the gag went, while he keeps a statewide seat from a Republican who might actually parlay the office into a

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Did Senator Parson score a win in the 78th redo?

Bruce Franks unseating of Rep. Penny Hubbard produced one of the most bizarre electoral outcomes this week. Franks ran a Bernie Sanders-style campaign focused on change, pitting the Hubbard family as the same.  Of the race there were a few obvious winners starting with Franks, but also credit for his win should go to the

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In support of Penny Hubbard

by Dr. Charles R. Portwood I will never forget that hot August afternoon in 2003 when I stumbled across a rather large family get- together at the Lake of the Ozarks. I was with my 11 and 12-year- old daughters who both squeezed my hand and said, “Daddy, why are all those people so happy?” Then I heard


View from the Commission: Legislative priorities focus on safety, innovation & federal mandates

By the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission In a short four months the next session of the Missouri General Assembly will begin. And following November’s election, there are certain to be a lot of new faces at the Capitol.   At our September meeting, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission established legislative priorities for 2017, focusing


Why I’m supporting Eric Greitens

by Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake Saint Louis “Like many Missourians, I have found this election cycle to be full of surprises.  One of the biggest to many was the overwhelming success of “outsider candidates.”  But with approval rates of government at all levels being abysmally low, this should not be remarkable.  Voters are ready for

Attorney General Chris Koster and Sen. Gina Walsh embrace after Walsh introduced Koster at a union rally in Jefferson City, Mo. March 30, 2016. (Travis Zimpfer/Missouri Times)

Koster: On Labor Day, A Choice

By Chris Koster Labor Day is a celebration of the social and economic achievements of the labor movement in this country, and the workers who are a part of it. This day reminds us the working conditions we enjoy today — from workplace safety to higher wages, and even the weekend — are in significant

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Funding the future

By Jason Jenkins for Citizens Committee for Soil, Water and State Parks When Brandon Butler moved to the Show-Me State, it didn’t take the avid outdoorsman long to discover new places for his family to hike, camp and fish, including Missouri’s state parks. But the Indiana native was shocked by what he found when he

A Hand Up For Students

By Rep. Elaine Gannon, R-De Soto Education issues are typically a hot topic at the Missouri Assembly. This is laudable, as we must continuously strive to do the best job possible for students. However, while debate over what course to take to best serve students, parents, teachers, schools and communities is sometimes necessary, so at times