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Changing the Face of Credit and Debit Card Transactions

By State Representative Sandy Crawford, District 129, Buffalo, Mo. Missouri consumers and retailers should be aware of major changes that will occur this fall as tens of millions of credit and debit cards will be replaced in a national endeavor to provide more secure transactions.  Banks that issue credit cards will replace the old cards that have

Another Year of Pro-Life Successes

By Sen. David Sater   Those who know me know that the sanctity of life and protecting the unborn are extremely important to me and one of the main reasons I entered politics and serve in the Missouri Senate. I believe that life begins at conception and that is a principle I cannot compromise on.


Drastic measures necessary to defend our Republic

Senator Jason Holsman The end of every session plays out like a Shake-speare sonnet. There exists the proposition of a problem, the turn and ultimate resolution. By its very nature, the formation of law is the management of conflict.  Conflict is, and has always been, an inherent component of the legislative process. In rare instances, this

Column: Protecting State Parks and Historic Sites  

            By Senator Mike Parson                           June 5, 2015                                                                   During this year’s legislative session, lawmakers took a vital step toward making sure Missouri’s system of state parks and historic sites continue to be among the top in the

Burdensome regulations holding Missouri back

by Rep. Tim Remole, R-Excello I believe the U.S. Constitution was divinely written. You only have to read the recorded prayers of our forefathers who wrote it to believe that. I have hanging in my office the first prayer of the Continental Congress dated September 7, 1774. We have an obligation to the people of our


A Tribute to Tom

by Jack B. Spooner Certain media outlets, including the Post Dispatch, are using the tragic and heart wrenching passing of our friend and colleague, a dedicated family man and public servant, to advertise a private matter and to damage Republicans.  If the appalling use of a private voice mail message wasn’t enough, the inexcusable attempt to


Toward a more memorable, meaningful Lincoln Day weekend

by John Combest You never forget your first time. Mine happened my senior year of high school, that precious yet precarious precipice between being a boy and a man. Even better, it was Valentine’s Day weekend and I was eager, like every other teenager who had heard about it, read about it, but never experienced