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Missouri Small Businesses Need Health Care Flexibility

By Wayne Hansen, Wayne’s Heating & Cooling & Appliance, Moberly, MO   As a second-generation small business owner, I can attest that things aren’t the way they used to be. Our family-owned company faces greater challenges today than at any time in the more than 50 years we have been in operation. The good news is that

Capital city needs restoration

By David Wilson, EdD. Wilson is a school administrator, writer, presenter, and consultant. You may e-mail him at   In downtown Jefferson City, I could take you to a spot where a huge chunk of plaster is coming loose on an exterior wall on one of the buildings and I could pull it off

OP-ED: Rail investment helps drive Missouri economy

By Representative Glen Kolkmeyer, Chairman, House Transportation Committee   We are at a time when freight traffic is growing dramatically. Missouri is in a position to capitalize on the economic opportunities to expand current businesses, attract new businesses and expand job openings for our workforce.  This requires an efficient and dependable transportation system.  Similar to Missouri,

The Oligarchy Speaks on Marriage

By Senator Ed Emery “When absolutes are denied, there is no basis for truth; the absence of truth leaves only opinion; in a world of opinions, the tyrant wins.”               Anonymous Freedom is greatest for those with the greatest power. America’s founders intended for the greatest power to rest with the people. Their writings make it

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Nixon out of step with labor movement

By John A. Tatom Governor Nixon is out of step with the American labor movement. His notion that Right to Work (RTW) damages all workers is false.  The late H. Gregg Lewis, one of the founding fathers of modern labor economics, explained more than 50 years ago that while unions raise wages for union members, they

Businesses Need Predictability from Government, Not Volatility

Guest Column by Secretary of State Jason Kander Politicians always seem to think they understand what it takes to foster a good business climate. I bet if you had a nickel for every time you heard a politician talk about creating jobs and growing businesses, you’d be able to take that extra family vacation. The

Not All New Years Are Happy

July 6, 2015 July 1st marked the beginning of a new year for the Missouri Department of Transportation – fiscal year 2016. For many of us a new year is a chance to look forward with great anticipation. The mood was a little different when the Missouri Highways and Transportation Committee gathered in Clinton on

Changing the Face of Credit and Debit Card Transactions

By State Representative Sandy Crawford, District 129, Buffalo, Mo. Missouri consumers and retailers should be aware of major changes that will occur this fall as tens of millions of credit and debit cards will be replaced in a national endeavor to provide more secure transactions.  Banks that issue credit cards will replace the old cards that have