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Mailbag: Anthem-Cigna merger good for Missouri

Mailbag: Anthem-Cigna merger good for Missouri

Due to new regulatory demands there have been dramatic changes in the healthcare landscape over the years. While the goals of the Affordable Care Act are noble the results have certainly increased the costs of healthcare and caused insurers and medical systems to consolidate in order to absorb costs. Which is why Anthem and Cigna

View From the Chair: A Final View

By Stephen H. Miller, Missouri Highways and Transportation Commissioner Seven years ago, Governor Jay Nixon appointed me to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. It has been a wonderful experience. I will be forever grateful to the Governor (and to the Senate who confirmed me) for the opportunity to work with such a talented group


An Open Letter to Professor Hawley

June 14, 2016 Professor Joshua D. Hawley 323 Hulston Hall Columbia, Missouri 65211 Dear Professor Hawley: As the chairman of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Accountability, I have investigated wasteful or incompetent governance many times in the past six years. As a Missourian, I want to be certain that those in charge of

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Meet the Missouri Office of Public Counsel

by James Owen, acting public counsel Here at the Missouri Office of Public Counsel (OPC), we get a lot of questions. The main one: “What is it that you do again?” Since being named Acting Director in February, I’ve learned there is much confusion about OPC’s important role. As such, I’ve pledged to improve upon


Lafayette County Republicans reflect on grassroots

By Kay Hoflander Lafayette County Republican Central Committee Chair MRP State Committee Member serving on Rules Sub-Committee, Executive Committee Kinder, Brunner and Hanaway all have a following in my part of the state, and all three have effective and respected campaigns here. We have never seen the fourth Governor candidate Greitens in our area. There are

Department of Labor’s New Rule Hurts All

By Joy Krieger As the director of the Asthma Allergy Federation of St. Louis, I work tirelessly within our limited resources to help provide essential services to the most vulnerable members of our community. This is why I’m deeply concerned with the Department of Labor’s published rule updating the Fair Labor Standards Act and raising

Charter Public School Students Deserve Equitable Funding and Not A ‘Red Herring’ Argument

By Douglas P. Thaman, Executive Director – Missouri Charter Public Schools Association Sixty-two years ago, on May 17, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered their ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, a decision changing education in the United States forever and confirming what sits at the core of being an American: every child, regardless of their ethnicity or socioeconomic