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Drastic measures necessary to defend our Republic

Drastic measures necessary to defend our Republic

Senator Jason Holsman The end of every session plays out like a Shake-speare sonnet. There exists the proposition of a problem, the turn and ultimate resolution. By its very nature, the formation of law is the management of conflict.  Conflict is, and has always been, an inherent component of the legislative process. In rare instances, this


We have officially arrived…and we owe it all to our readers

Our readers will particularly understand being in a campaign as the hopeless underdog, where you’re so irrelevant that your competitor doesn’t even mention your name. So you work your ass off for months in obscurity, and then comes that moment when out of nowhere your opponent attacks you. And that’s the moment when you know


Guest Commentary: MASA Plan Falls Short of Quality Options for All Students

The Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA) recently released a proposal, “A New Path To Excellence,” in an attempt to address unaccredited school districts and the laws governing student transfers once a district becomes unaccredited. In actuality this ‘plan’ simply asks for more time and more money to perpetuate the status quo. Though the Missouri

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Guest column by Claire McCaskill: Missouri creates a new national standard in sexual assault prevention in the military

I’ve spent decades advocating for sexual assault survivors.  As Jackson County Prosecutor, I fought to ensure that survivors of sexual assault received justice in the aftermath of traumatic crimes. Anyone watching the recent national outcry over sexual assault in the military, and the disgraceful obstacles faced by survivors, realizes that while we’ve worked to improve


Column: In opposition of electric rate, ISRS legislation

In opposition of SB207 & HB398: Chris Roepe Executive Director,  Fair Energy Rate Action Fund Businesses, just like politicians, need to be held accountable to the public when making public policy. Ameren, Empire and KCP&L’s recent explanation for why they need to abolish the PSC’s oversight of new expenditures and add a surcharge to the


Column: In support of electric rate, ISRS legislation

In support of SB207 & HB398: Irl Scissors Executive Director, Missourians for Balanced Energy Future The Infrastructure Strengthening and Regulatory Streamlining (ISRS) legislation introduced by Sen. Mike Kehoe and Rep. Jeanie Riddle is critical to our state’s energy and economic future. If passed, SB207/HB398 will bring much-needed efficiencies and upgrades to Missouri’s electric regulatory structure. 

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Roy Temple to author guest column for The Missouri Times

Jefferson City, Mo. — Veteran Democratic political strategist, Roy Temple, is joining The Missouri Times team as a guest columnist. Temple will be writing for us at his leisure as topics and controversies arise that garner his unique perspective. Temple, the founder of Fire Up! Missouri, a nationally recognized local political blog. Temple has been