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Funding the future

Funding the future

By Jason Jenkins for Citizens Committee for Soil, Water and State Parks When Brandon Butler moved to the Show-Me State, it didn’t take the avid outdoorsman long to discover new places for his family to hike, camp and fish, including Missouri’s state parks. But the Indiana native was shocked by what he found when he

A Hand Up For Students

By Rep. Elaine Gannon, R-De Soto Education issues are typically a hot topic at the Missouri Assembly. This is laudable, as we must continuously strive to do the best job possible for students. However, while debate over what course to take to best serve students, parents, teachers, schools and communities is sometimes necessary, so at times


MATA (And Most Other Attorneys) Support the Missouri Plan

by Sharon Jones Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys (MATA) tracks hundreds bills each year during the legislative session. All of the bills we monitor center around a single principle – the cornerstone of justice is Article 1 Section 14 of the Missouri Constitution which provides access to a fair and open trial before a jury of peers. In

OP-ED: Why I support Eric Greitens

By Jeff Layman After the Tom Schweich tragedy my shock and sadness quickly turned to rage. I couldn’t believe the personal nature of the attacks against him. Tom was a good man and he was very serious about cleaning up corruption. His death is a tremendous loss to our state. One month later Spence Jackson

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Chinese Invasion

Agricultural organizations typically endorse candidates based on their record and history of support for farm and ranch families. We don’t dive into any other issues because our grassroots members are focused only on producing food for this state and they want leaders – regardless of party affiliation – who want to advance the state’s number one industry. When


Missouri children win with education savings accounts

By Martin F. Lueken and Michael Q. McShane Last year, Missouri was one of 18 states that introduced legislation to create an education savings account (ESA) program for families. While it didn’t ultimately become law, it’s stoked the conversation about educational choice in the state and how we can empower families to find schooling options

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Missouri System Review Commission Should Prioritize Curriculum Transparency

By Gregg Keller The mostly-manufactured “unrest” at the University of Missouri – Columbia campus and the actions of one disgraced professor perfectly illustrate why changes are needed within the University of Missouri System.  The newly-created University of Missouri System Review Commission has a tremendous opportunity to recommend significant reforms to improve the standing and operations

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A View from the Commission: Thank you, Steve Miller.

by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission Former Commission Chair Steve Miller started this newsletter back in March of 2014 to keep transportation stakeholders, elected officials, the media and others abreast of the many issues we face as we seek to deliver the type of transportation system that Missourians want and deserve. Since that first