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Column: The PSC Should Stay the Course on the Grain Belt Express

By Leslie Holloway, Missouri Farm Bureau State regulators are holding hearings in eight Missouri counties this week and next week to hear from citizens regarding the proposed Grain Belt Express project, a high-voltage, direct current transmission line. If it seems like déjà vu, that’s because this is the second time in as many years that Clean

Gov. Nixon’s Thanksgiving message for 2016

“On this national day of Thanksgiving, the First Lady and I join millions of other Missouri families in pausing to give thanks for our many blessings. The first Thanksgiving in America brought together two very different cultures for a peaceful gathering – a sign that our nascent country was building a foundation of respect for

Why The Amendment 3 “Lockbox” And “Politicians Can’t Touch The Money” Arguments Don’t Hold Water…

By Andy Arnold Supporters of Amendment 3, the massive cigarette tax increase that will cost some Missourians up to $1.27 more per pack if approved by voters, have stated the money generated by the tax cannot be touched or diverted by the Missouri legislature. To quote one of their RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company affiliate funded

An Analysis of Missouri’s Constitutional Amendment 2

By Ryan Johnson, Missouri Alliance for Freedom president Constitutional Amendment 2 will allow voters to decide in November whether to amend the state constitution to restrict certain political contributions. The amendment would limit contributions to statewide, legislative, and judicial offices to $2,600 per election. Contributions from a person or a committee to a political party

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Let’s Keep a Good Thing Going!

By Estil Fretwell, Director of Public Affairs, Missouri Farm Bureau   In 1983 Missouri was losing over 10 tons of topsoil per acre annually due to erosion. That’s one inch of topsoil off each acre every 15 years. Missouri’s soil erosion rate was the second worst in the nation, exceeded only by Tennessee.   At

When She Wins We Win

By Darlene Green, Comptroller-City of St. Louis   I wholeheartedly support Hillary Clinton for President of the United States because she trumps her opponents in experience, expertise on the issues, and commitment to enhance the lives of working families and children. While her Republican rival’s primary goal has been to amass wealth, Clinton has chosen


How to Fight Missouri’s Opioid Crisis

Op-Ed submitted on behalf of State Rep. Holly Rehder, a Republican from Sikeston who represents the 148th District.   Addiction to prescription painkillers and heroin is a national crisis. It is now the leading cause of accidental death in America. Right here in Missouri, more than 1,000 of our friends and loved ones are dying