Guest articles

Jason Kander: Why Political Pressure Can’t Stop Me From Opposing the Iran Deal

By Jason Kander As a former Army Intelligence Officer who investigated corruption in the Afghan government, I’ve seen first hand how an unpredictable country can react to internal and external political pressure. It’s one of the reasons I know that the United States cannot empower an unstable regime by allowing them to have the capability

View from the Chair: Safety is a Casualty of Funding Shortage

  August 27, 2015 Recently my wife and I, as many other parents do each August, took our 18- and 20-year-old daughters to college. For us, this year was a passage as we now find ourselves as “empty nesters.” In the future, they will be visitors rather than residents in the home we created for

Kinder: Why I was the only no vote on 2nd taxpayer-funded stadium in St. Louis

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – On Thursday (Aug. 27) Missouri lawmakers are conducting a public forum regarding state-backed bonding for a second football stadium in St. Louis. The stadium project is an ill-advised attempt to keep the Rams in St. Louis or attract another NFL franchise. Rams owner Stan Kroenke says he has purchased land in

Let’s address the real problem: Abuse of power in the Missouri legislature

By Rep. Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia   Recently, we have seen two very serious ethics violations in the Missouri Legislature aired in the press.  As we all know, such legislator behavior is neither new, unique, nor isolated. The permissive culture in the legislature will continue until we enact and enforce meaningful ethics reform. In May, I was