Guest articles

Miller: There are many pieces to the transportation funding puzzle

By Stephen Miller, Chair of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission I am excited to see that transportation funding is a hot topic in the General Assembly this legislative session. Let’s hope this activity translates into the long-term sustainable funding so desperately needed. As part of these discussions, many are asking the Commission and MoDOT for

Hubrecht: Saving Money on Biologic Medicines

By Rep. Tila Hubrecht, R-Dexter In recent years, biologic medicines have been at the forefront of cutting edge research in the biomedical field helping us to find new treatments and even cures for chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even cancer. These medicines have a complex molecular structure grown from living cells. They

Haahr: Winning the fight against human traffickers

By Rep. Elijah Haahr, R-Springfield Human trafficking is a billion dollar business in the United States and around the world. It’s hard for some to believe that a form of slavery exists here in our nation and in our state in modern times. Unfortunately, it does. St. Louis is ranked as one of the top

Should Caesar Help His People?

By Rep. Joshua Peters, D-St. Louis The St. Louis City Earnings Tax became law in 1954 and since then those living or working in the City have paid 1% of their income to support general city services, including police and fire. Approximately a third of the tax base of the city comes from this form

The Missouri Legislature Must Not Let Brad Bradshaw Hijack Medical Cannabis to Create Constitutional Oligopolies and Grow Government

By Missouri State Rep. Tommie Pierson (D-North St. Louis County) As a contender for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor and a sitting State Representative, I’ve got a unique perspective on an issue that is of increasing importance in this political cycle: medical cannabis. That’s because my primary opponent, Springfield attorney/physician Brad Bradshaw, is running

Railroad investments lead to innovations and safety

By Sen. Brian Munzlinger, R-Williamstown Ensuring our transportation system continues to be safe for Missourians remains an important topic in Missouri and to me. Recently, as a member of the Senate Transportation Committee, I heard testimony regarding the efforts the state must take to protect our infrastructure. Likewise, as a commissioner of the Missouri Emergency


Not all funding solutions are created equal

By Stephen R. Miller, MHTC Chairman   The recovery from the Great Recession of 2008 has resulted in increased economic activity in Missouri and an increase in general revenues. So why not just dip into general revenue to address our transportation funding needs – and avoid increasing fees or taxes? It is not the province of this

Schatz: Transportation needs legislative fix

By Sen. Dave Schatz, R-Sullivan It is no secret that funding for our state’s roads and bridges has been a cause for concern for Missourians. Lawmakers have worked to fund the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) at a level that will not only support the development of new roads and bridges, support the growth of

We are at risk of squandering our natural gifts

By Stephen R. Miller, MHTC Chairman Do you know how many states border Missouri? Eight – more than any other state. Can you name them? See below. If not, you need to be able to. They are both our partners – and our competitors. The fact that we are surrounded by states on all sides is a

The New Year opens with pain, pride and promise

By Stephen R. Miller, MHTC Chairman   It was an emotional opening to the New Year. The loss of life, human suffering and property damage from historic flooding was sinking in and the year-end report on traffic deaths on Missouri highways showed a dramatic increase. Amidst this grim backdrop, the indomitable spirit of Missourians shone