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Thomas Schweich Q&A Part 2: Issues Facing Missouri

Thomas Schweich Q&A Part 2: Issues Facing Missouri

The Missouri Times sat down with State Auditor Thomas Schweich for an in-depth Q&A. For the ease of our readers, we have broken the interview into three parts, dividing the topics of conservation accordingly.  TMT: With your anti corruption background, what did you make of Gov. Nixon’s implication that lifting campaign limits elicits corruption? Schweich: If


Thomas Schweich Q&A Part 1: Getting to know the Diplomat

The Missouri Times sat down with State Auditor Thomas Schweich for an in-depth Q&A. The interview is divided into three parts, for the ease of the reader. This portion focuses on Schweich’s background as a diplomat and counter-terrorism work.  TMT: Lots of people link you to former Senator and former Ambassador [John] Danforth. How did your

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The Twenty(-one) Most Influential People in Nixon-world

Staff Reports Jefferson City, MO – As Jay Nixon’s administration embarks on its second term, four years already in the books provide ample insight into which figures are most influential in its operation.  Constituted of individuals within his state government apparatus and those on the outside, this list gives a glimpse into who wields the


Administrative Hearing Commission Reinstates AFSCME Members, Cites Anti-Union Bias

by Collin Reischman A ruling by the Administrative Hearing Commission (AHC) reinstated three employees terminated from the St. James Veteran’s Home after ruling that their termination was the result of anti-union bias, according to AFSCME officials. The ruling comes more than two years after Theresa Bach, Bobby Petty and Velinda Wofford were terminated from St.


Part 2 of our conversation with Mayor Slay

In part 2 of our conversation with Mayor Slay we visit about urban issues and his success working with Republicans in the legislature. Enjoy. TMT: What do you say to people that point to the Delmar divide and say it’s not done as well as some other places? What plans do you have to change

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Catanese: What’s next for Jay Nixon?

By Dave Catanese, special to The Missouri Times WASHINGTON D.C. — Just three weeks after breezily notching a 12-point reelection victory, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon made an uncharacteristic move that caught even some of his admirers by surprise. He lunged to the left. In announcing his support in late November for expanding the state’s Medicaid


Attorney General Asks Court to Provide Guidance to the Secretary of State in the House District 150 Race Before the Speaker Seats Hampton

Staff Reports Jefferson City, MO – Attorney General Chris Koster on behalf of Secretary of State Robin Carnahan asked a Cole County judge to advise her on how to conduct her ministerial duties regarding the 150th house district. “This petition was filed at the request of the Secretary of State’s office,” confirmed Nancy Gonder with the Attorney