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In response to client demand for representation before Missouri state legislative bodies, government agencies and regulatory entities, Bryan Cave opened its Jefferson City office in 1997. The need for such representation has increased due to the expanded role of state government in business regulation, as well as federal policy that places additional responsibilities on individual states in administering government programs and functions.

The Jefferson City office maintains active legislative, appellate and regulatory practices. Whenever the legislature is in session (and frequently during the interim), our lawyers are fully engaged in advancing our clients’ legislative agendas and strategic business objectives by working with numerous public officials, legislative committees, political caucuses and gubernatorial commissions.

In addition to practicing before state legislative bodies, Bryan Cave regularly represents clients before Missouri state agencies such as the Departments of Revenue, Economic Development, Health, Natural Resources and Social Services, as well as the Secretary of State, Securities Division and the Office of Administration.

221 Bolivar St. #101
Jefferson City, MO 65101
(573) 556-6620