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Neely files new bill to allow medical marijuana for terminal patients

Neely files new bill to allow medical marijuana for terminal patients

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Rep. Jim Neely, R-Cameron, re-filed legislation this session that would legalize medical marijuana, a bill similar to one he attempted to pass last year. HB 437 will allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis to terminally ill patients and permit medical marijuana dispensaries to operate within the state. “It’s something that we

Eapen Thampy

Medical cannabis supporters looking to connect with conservatives

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Eapen Thampy, the founder of Heartland Priorities, spoke in front of the Columbia Pachyderm Club Friday. He spoke on a topic that only a decade and a half ago likely would have been taboo for any official party event – legalizing cannabis or marijuana for medical use. Thampy has advocated for drug


Marijuana takes the stage in Hill-King primary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Rep. Nick King, a marijuana opponent, has attacked his primary opponent Mary Hill for accepting contributions from the newly-created committee Better Way Missouri’s deputy treasurer Eapen Thampy. Thampy, a long-time marijuana legalization activist, writes that he contributed $1,000 to Hill’s campaign and he accompanied her to Branson for the state Republican Party’s


Medical marijuana legislation continues to make inroads

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In a historic vote last week, the House Emerging Issues Committee passed a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Missouri by an 11-1 vote, the largest margin any measure regarding the topic has ever received in the Missouri House of Representatives. That vote serves as the latest reminder, along with