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TWMP Overtime panel talks possible US Senate contenders for McCaskill in 2018

TWMP Overtime panel talks possible US Senate contenders for McCaskill in 2018

With the US Senate race coming up in 2018, the panel on the last episode of This Week in Missouri Politics speculated as to who exactly would run against U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill. There are many contenders from the Republican Party, such as Senate Majority Leader Mike Kehoe, David Wasinger, and possibly even Caleb Jones,

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McCann alleges ‘hijacking’ of Eagle Forum amid leadership dispute

ST. LOUIS – The ongoing leadership turmoil at the Eagle Forum continued this week. Noreen McCann, who identifies herself as the Missouri chapter president, sent a letter to Eagle Forum members warning them not to believe an invitation to a luncheon at the Missouri Athletic Club in St. Louis. Checks for the fundraiser were to

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Ed Martin tries to drag Roe into Eagle Forum mess

As the career of Missouri politico Jeff Roe is skyrocketing, Ed Martin is ensnared in another scandal. Now Martin is attempting to save himself by trying to drag Roe into the mess at Eagle Forum. ST. LOUIS – Eagle Forum, founded in 1972 by Phyllis Schlafly, has spiraled out of control since the hiring of Ed


Eagle Forum in tumult over Schlafly’s Trump endorsement

Eagle Forum, the conservative group founded by conservative columnist Phyllis Schlafly, descended into chaos over the weekend after the organization’s Missouri chapter claimed several board members are attempting a hostile takeover. Schlafly has called for the immediate resignation of six board members, including her daughter, Anne Cori, that she accuses of being behind the takeover