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To PQ or not to PQ: The Senate’s battle for tradition

To PQ or not to PQ: The Senate’s battle for tradition

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – 2017 has been a dream session for Missouri Republicans. Riding the coattails of President Donald Trump’s victory, Missourians elected both Republican supermajorities and a Republican governor for the first time in state history. Since then, Missouri has seen several core conservative ideas passed through the legislature, including the controversial issue of


Dixon comments on Capitol culture changes and the difficulties that come with it

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Following a long night in the Missouri Senate as the body debated the contentious circuit breaker tax break for hours on end, Sen. Bob Dixon joined the crew of the #MoLeg Podcast to share his thoughts on a number of topics. Though he covered a variety of topics during the conversation,

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Did Senator Parson score a win in the 78th redo?

Bruce Franks unseating of Rep. Penny Hubbard produced one of the most bizarre electoral outcomes this week. Franks ran a Bernie Sanders-style campaign focused on change, pitting the Hubbard family as the same.  Of the race there were a few obvious winners starting with Franks, but also credit for his win should go to the


Bitter debate over Senate journal belies frustrations from previous question

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After nearly 40 hours of a filibuster on SJR 39 was cut off by a Republican previous question early Wednesday morning, the Senate reconvened Thursday at 11:00 a.m. and started a fireworks show underlined by the idea that Senate Democrats, and a handful of Republicans, have lost faith in President Pro Tem Ron Richard’s


Drastic measures necessary to defend our Republic

Senator Jason Holsman The end of every session plays out like a Shake-speare sonnet. There exists the proposition of a problem, the turn and ultimate resolution. By its very nature, the formation of law is the management of conflict.  Conflict is, and has always been, an inherent component of the legislative process. In rare instances, this