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PSC finds compromise in KCPL rate case, still says they lack authority on EV stations

PSC finds compromise in KCPL rate case, still says they lack authority on EV stations

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Kansas City Power & Light will receive an electric rate increase thanks to a decision by the Missouri Public Service Commission on their rate request. The PSC this week ruled that KCPL should receive a rate increase of $32.5 million to reflect their increased costs of providing service to more than

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Questions arise if OPC complaint was politically motivated

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – On April 26th, two documents were filed a block away from each other and now, seven months later, there is a dispute arising over whether or not they were related. In the Capitol, Rep. Rocky Miller’s HB 2689, which would reform some of the government regulations Missouri utility companies are forced


Ameren files rate case in response to Noranda closing

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Ameren UE filed a rate case Friday with the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) asking for a $206 million rate increase. The company proposes that $74 million would go to improving electric infrastructure while $51 million would offset the loss of Noranda sales. Another $34 million would go towards increased transmission costs.


PSC schedules Empire Electric rate case hearings

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In the regularly scheduled Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) agenda meeting Thursday, commissioners unanimously approved four new orders and discussed an upcoming rate case after receiving an hour long presentation from Spire, formerly known as the Laclede Group. A complaint against Missouri American Water (MWA) brought by Calgene Leopold was dismissed


Advocate believes similarities, differences will make Missouri infrastructure bill a success

Ameren Illinois reducing rates again after infrastructure bill enacted JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As Rep. Rocky Miller’s HB 2816 moves forward, Ameren Illinois announced it will file a rate case to reduce customer rates after the Illinois state legislature enacted a similar policy. “We made a long-term commitment to our customers to strengthen the power grid


Ameren hopes to revise and lower EEIC

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – An order was filed last week directing Missouri Public Commission (PSC) Staff to file a recommendation regarding Ameren’s new rate case to revise its Energy Efficiency Investment Charge (EEIC). The EEIC, according to Ameren, “reflects costs to cover energy efficiency programs enabled by the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act.” In the

Missouri businesses prepare to release earnings this week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – It looks as if Kansas City will continue to own the beginning of the week, as KC-based companies AMC Entertainment, Cerner, and Sprint are scheduled to release their earnings. St. Louis-based Emerson is set to report results for the fourth quarter and fiscal 2015 on Tuesday. Publicly regulated utility Ameren, out


Noranda finalizes bootheel expansion project after PSC rate relief case

NEW MADRID, Mo.- Noranda Aluminum’s smelter, located in Missouri’s bootheel, announced today they had finalized $15 million of project-specific financing that will allow it to complete their redraw rod mill on the site of the smelter. The new rod mill will increase Noranda’s production capacity by approximately 43% and will make the facility one of the


PSC indicates support for lowering Noranda’s rate

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After a lengthy discussion, the Public Service Commission (PSC) gave Staff instructions to prepare an order granting Noranda Aluminum rate relief as a portion of the Ameren rate case. No official votes were held today, but each commissioner gave their opinions, line by line, on the issues that are set to

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Possible breakthrough in Noranda rate relief case

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Office of Public Counsel filed a Stipulation recommending Noranda Aluminum receive rate relief totaling 60 percent of their original request. The filing comes one day after five Public Service Commissioners indicated that they were unwilling to grant Noranda the entirety of their request. The Missouri OPC, which represents the