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Berry, Kolkmeyer seek meeting on WIMs

Berry, Kolkmeyer seek meeting on WIMs

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Two Missouri state lawmakers are looking to begin the conversation anew to the state’s weigh in motion scales (WIM’s). The issue of weight stations in the Show-Me State took the spotlight this session when the issue of Drivewyze and HELP, Inc. became a topic of much contention. Reports of an FBI

Sen. Rob Schaaf presents his bill on prescription drug monitoring programs before the Senate Committee on Health and Pensions.

Greitens nonprofit attacks Schaaf, posts senator’s personal phone number online

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A nonprofit created explicitly to support the agenda of Gov. Eric Greitens attacked Sen. Rob Schaaf Thursday evening by tweeting his private, personal cell phone number and promoting the tweet. A New Missouri, Inc.’s Twitter account used a promoted tweet, classifying it as an ad, which means they weren’t technically “tweeted” but it


Weigh station bill dies on House floor despite FBI inquiry

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The latest victim in ongoing push vs. shove taking place in the Missouri Capitol is Rep. T.J. Berry’s HB 306. The bill, which sought to address concerns about conflicts of interest in Missouri’s weigh station industry, was defeated in the Missouri House by a vote of 60-82 on Thursday afternoon. The


Kolkmeyer ready to carry next stage of House tort reform legislation: venue and joinder

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – With the perfection of Rep. Kevin Corlew’s Daubert witness standards bill and Rep. Joe Don McGaugh’s collateral source rule change Tuesday, the two highly prioritized tort reform bills appear destined to pass through the House. However, the House still has a significant number of tort bills. The five authored by Rep.

Haahr Emerging Issues

Haahr, Kolkmeyer, Lynch to assume leadership roles

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Less than a day after a strong night for Republican candidates across the state, the House Republican Caucus selected its new speaker pro tem, majority caucus chair, and majority whip. Rep. Elijah Haahr won the election to become the majority caucus’ speaker pro tem nominee after defeating Rep. Delus Johnson. Rep.


Gannon, Kelley, Kolkmeyer, Ruth battle for caucus chair

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A day after one of the most important elections in a generation, House Republicans will convene in Jefferson City to hold an important election of their own – establishing new leadership. The Speaker Pro Tem race may be the most important in terms of the totem pole, but another race with

capitol tree

Kolkmeyer to run for majority caucus chair

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer, R-Wellington, announced to fellow Republicans on Wednesday that he would be running for Majority Caucus Chair. The position is being vacated by the termed out Shelley Keeney Taylor. “I want to officially share with you that I am running for Majority Caucus Chair,” Kolkmeyer wrote in a letter. “As

Gas tax gets its hearing in the House

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Sen. Doug Libla, R-Poplar Bluff, called a gas tax increase necessary to help Missouri’s highways and bridges when he presented his bill to the House Transportation Committee Tuesday afternoon. During the hearing, the tax saw little opposition and was supported by groups including the Missouri Department of Transportation, Missouri’s truckers and

Democrats try to add gas tax to transportation bill, get shut down

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Democratic Minority Leader Jacob Hummel tried to add a gas tax bill as an amendment to another transportation bill Tuesday morning, saying action was needed to help fund the state’s infrastructure. Discussion on the bill, HB 2345, was ended after Republicans moved the previous question before Hummel, D-St. Louis, could offer

Haefner’s infrastructure fix would use already withheld taxes without a gas tax increase

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Another gas tax alternative has emerged in the House, where Rep. Marsha Haefner’s HB 2723, which would cap what businesses can keep from sales taxes and from withholding employees’ taxes and put any revenue generated over the cap into a fund for infrastructure. Haefner, R-St. Louis, doesn’t think raising taxes would