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Sen. Gary Romine (foreground) listens to testimony from the Missouri NEA's Otto Fajen on his CTE bill Jan. 24, 2017.

House hearing held on Romine’s discrimination bill

House hearing held on Romine’s discrimination bill

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The House Special Committee on Litigation Reform held an extended hearing on Sen. Gary Romine’s SB 43 after testimony ran over the two hours allotted Monday afternoon. The bill is similar in nature to a bill heard earlier in the session by the committee sponsored by Rep. Kevin Austin. However, the

Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel (center) speaks regarding Rep. Bill Lant's attempt to silence his testimony on a discrimination bill Feb. 14, 2017. (Travis Zimpfer/THE MISSOURI TIMES)

Beatty, MO NAACP president call for Lant to step down as chair of Litigation Reform Committee

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Following the silencing of Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel at Monday evening’s Special Committee on Litigation Reform, House Democrats and left-leaning organizations and advocacy groups called for Rep. Bill Lant, R-Pineville, to be removed from his position as chair of the committee. Chapel said Lant should apologize to the members of the state


Tort reform measure could have significant impact on Missouri Human Rights Act

NAACP leader cut off during testimony JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Special Committee on Litigation Reform heard another major tort reform measure Monday, one which would rewrite the Missouri Human Rights Act. The three bills, which will likely be rolled into one piece of legislation, offered by Reps. Kevin Austin, Joe Don McGaugh and Dean

Rod Chapel

Opponents of Amendment 6 join forces to defeat photo voter ID

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – When legislators overrode Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of HB 1631, major proponents of the measure heralded its passage as an opportunity for citizens to be assured their votes will be heard at the polls. But throughout the policy’s long lifespan in Jefferson City, photo voter ID has drawn considerable criticism from


‘Medicaid 23’ split verdict sparks anger

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A split decision in a trial against clergy and faith leaders who protested for Medicaid expansion in the Senate Gallery in 2014 has left supporters of the group fuming. The “Medicaid 23″ were arrested by Capitol Police for singing hymns and praying in the gallery during debate avoided a charge of obstructing


Attorney General report on racial profiling in traffic stop spawns calls for action

by Tim Curtis and Scott Moyers JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – When Attorney General Chris Koster released the annual traffic stop disparity report Wednesday, he included for the first time a call for the legislature to fix a racial bias. The report showed that in 2015, a black Missourians was 1.69 times more likely to be pulled

naacp rally

NAACP rallies opposition to photo voter ID

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Members and allies of the NAACP rallied against photo voter ID laws Tuesday morning in the Capitol rotunda for the group’s legislative lobby day, the day after voter ID was brought up in the Senate for a second time in two weeks. State and local leaders, including Secretary of State Jason

bob holden mo flag

Former Gov. Holden to join Missouri NAACP executive board

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rod Chapel, the state conference president of the NAACP of Missouri, has added yet another major name to the organization’s executive committee. Former Gov. Bob Holden, who served from 2001 to 2005, will join the board and help steer an organization that has undergone a major restructuring effort since Chapel came into

NAACP announces executive appointments

ST. LOUIS – The new Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel named his appointments to the executive committee and announced the organization’s legislative agenda. “I am elated to have a team of experienced, diverse, and dedicated people from across Missouri, who will help me to continue to build upon the 107-year old brand of the NAACP,”

Jeanette Mott Oxford, executive director of Empower Missouri, testifies in opposition to a photo voter ID bill Jan. 12, 2016 (Travis Zimpfer/The Missouri Times)

Photo voter ID moves out of first committee

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A photo voter ID measure passed out of the House Elections Committee despite the fact that no one testified in favor of the legislation. Rep. Justin Alferman, R-Hermann, sponsored the bill, which has wide support among Republicans. However, of the citizens who testified in the committee hearing, every one of them