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PSC takes steps to change rules to improve transparency

PSC takes steps to change rules to improve transparency

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – With a busy week centered around hearings on the Grain Belt Express line, the Missouri Public Service Commission carved out time Wednesday afternoon to sign off on four tariffs and new orders. The PSC’s first order of business was to take up an order of rulemaking in regards to the confidential

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PSC files proposed MEEIA revisions with Secretary of State

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Public Service Commission is looking to update the definitions concerning demand side programs with three newly proposed rules and amendments. The proposed rules, filed on December 27 with the Secretary of State’s Office, are now posted on the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board’s website, along with statements on how


PSC to examine communications rules

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) has signaled its intentions to examine its governing rules about how it receives and gathers information to see if changes should be made. The commission issued a release Wednesday announcing it has opened a working case to determine whether its ex parte and extra-record communications


One Year Later: Koster has returned one percent of contributions

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Just over one year ago, The New York Times got involved in Missouri politics, calling Attorney General Chris Koster out for being unethical due to campaign contributions being received by parties currently in litigation with the Attorney General’s Office (AGO). Koster denied the allegations and quickly implemented an ethics policy for


Cold Weather Rule in effect until March 31

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Public Service Commission’s Cold Weather Rule is in effect until March 31. The rule is designed to protect customers, under certain conditions, from being disconnected in the winter months when temperatures are expected to fall below 32 degrees. Qualifying customers are placed on more lenient payment terms to help avoid