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Richardson speaks of change, vows lobbyist gift ban will be first bill passed in the House

Richardson speaks of change, vows lobbyist gift ban will be first bill passed in the House

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri legislators returned to the Capitol on Wednesday for the start of the legislative session for the  99th General Assembly, a ceremony that is typically a lighthearted affair. But that was not the case, as Secretary of State Jason Kander began the ceremony with an unprecedented display of partisanship, addressing the

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High number of initiative petition filings puts strain on auditor’s office

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s office is currently experiencing a glut of initiative petitions that are wearing its resources thin. Between Nov. 21 and Dec. 8 – a span of just two-and-a-half weeks – 88 initiative petitions were submitted to the state auditor’s office by Secretary of State Jason Kander for the

Chris Koster speaks to Democrats at the IBEW in St. Louis the night before Election Day (Travis Zimpfer/MISSOURI TIMES)

Koster and Kander lead Democratic rally on Election Day Eve

ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Democratic nominee for governor, Chris Koster, stood before a raucous crowd of well over 300 supporters at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers building in St. Louis City Monday night. Wearing a worn down, oversized belt buckle of the Seal of the State of Missouri, he talked about meeting a

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Blunt opens up lead on Kander in new poll

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The race for Senate in Missouri has become one of the most competitive in the nation, but with a week until Election Day, new polling suggests U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt has opened up a 3-point lead over Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander in the latest MO Scout/BK Strategies poll 47

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC in 2011. (Courtesy of Gage Skidmore)

Trump comments deterring few in Missouri

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Last Friday, the veritable bombshell of Donald Trump’s comments from 2005 that he could freely grope women because of his celebrity status stunned the political world. Politicians on both sides of the aisle denounced his words and a sea of Republican lawmakers asked for Trump to step down as they rescinded


AFL-CIO, AFP battle against Blunt, Kander

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – With less than a month to go before Election Day, the Senate race between U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt and Secretary of State Jason Kander may have become more competitive than once thought. For much of the race, Blunt was thought to be a shoo-in to retake his seat, but recent polls

Ashcroft campaigning in Jefferson City

Ashcroft forms bipartisan advisory committee of county clerks

Ashcroft hopes to focus on photo voter ID in bid for Secretary of State SIKESTON, Mo. – Jay Ashcroft, the Republican candidate for secretary of state, has reached across the aisle to form a group of county clerks called the Election Integrity Advisory Committee, in part to highlight the call for photo voter ID. The committee,


Medical marijuana IP will not make ballot

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The legalization of medical marijuana will not be on the ballot this November. While an official ruling has yet to come down, supporters of New Approach Missouri’s initiative petition case do not sound optimistic about the outcome after Cole County Circuit Judge Daniel Green ruled in favor of Secretary of State Jason


Betting markets offer alternative gauge of Missouri contests

While many point to polls to see how candidates are faring during a campaign, some also look towards betting markets. These markets tend to focus on who will win, rather than the margin of victory. One prediction site, PredictIt, features three races in Missouri: the presidential race, the U.S. Senate race and the race for