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Senate’s final hours of session saw a PQ and budget win

Senate’s final hours of session saw a PQ and budget win

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The final hours of the legislative session could be described as a chaotic and dysfunctional end to an abnormal session, as both parties utilized the extremes of the rules in a legislative session that saw extreme victories for Republicans on huge pieces of legislation and infighting that killed several smaller bills.

Planned Parenthood earns a small victory in keeping license at Columbia affiliate

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Columbia Planned Parenthood affiliate at the center of scrutiny by a Missouri Senate committee scored a win in federal court Wednesday. Judge Nanette K. Laughrey ruled she would block an attempt by the Department of Health and Senior Services to revoke the license of the affiliate. Planned Parenthood of Kansas and


Debate continues to rage over Syrian refugees

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As an increasing number of state governors call to halt the influx of Syrian refugees into the United States, the issue has become more politicized in both Missouri and across the nation. The terrorist attacks in France committed by Muslim extremists have driven many Missouri Republicans to call for a moratorium on

Senate elects new leadership

JEFFERSON CITY— The Senate today (9-16) elected Sen. Ron Richard, R-Joplin, to serve as President Pro Tem of the Missouri Senate for the remainder of the 98th General Assembly. Before serving as Majority Floor Leader during the 97th and 98th General Assembly, he had served as Speaker of the House. “I appreciate my colleagues’ support,

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Sen. Richard presents ethics bill

JEFFERSON CITY– Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin, presented his ethics bill earlier today. The hearing lasted only several minutes, and there were no testimonies for or against the bill. It is likely that bill will pass without much objection. Senate Bill 11 would institute a two-year “cooling off” period for legislators, which would prohibit