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Gov. Eric Greitens speaks at the Missouri Right to Life legislative day March 14, 2017 as MRL President applauds in the background. (Travis Zimpfer/MISSOURI TIMES)

Pro-life groups finally embrace Greitens at legislative day

Pro-life groups finally embrace Greitens at legislative day

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As Gov. Eric Greitens took to the stage to hug Missouri Right to Life President Steve Rupp in the Capitol Rotunda, it marked a stark contrast from a six months ago when the influential anti-abortion group would not endorse the man who would become the state’s chief executive. But a year

Sen. Bob Onder speaks at the Emerging Issues Hearing on SJR 39. (Tim Curtis/The Missouri Times)

Senate hears anti-abortion legislation; Onder urges more regulation on clinics

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Senate Seniors, Families and Children Committee heard testimony from abortion-choice advocates and anti-abortion groups on Wednesday regarding five bills aimed at restricting the practice in the state. The slate of anti-abortion legislation offered by Republican lawmakers would, among other things, prohibit abortions performed on basis of sex, race or Down

Eric Greitens campaign rally Aug. 27

Does Missouri Right to Life cave to endorse Greitens?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After seven months of refusing to talk with Missouri Right to Life (MRL) Political Action Committee, Eric Greitens finally submitted his survey to the Missouri Right to Life. Up to now, many social conservatives around the state view MRL as the leading pro-life group mostly because of its committed stance on

Eric Greitens campaign rally Aug. 27

Greitens submits Missouri Right to Life survey

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Eric Greitens recently submitted to Missouri Right to Life the survey commonly used when seeking an endorsement. Greitens has also met with Missouri Right to Life. Greitens had previously refused to return the survey or even meet with the pro-life organization, leaving him the only Republican primary candidate without the endorsement.

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TWMP: Lester Turilli, the Washington University debate and Greitens’ surge

On Sunday’s episode of This Week in Missouri Politics, Lester Turilli Jr. talks about his independent candidacy for governor with host Scott Faughn, his status as the only person in the race with pro-life beliefs, his support for SJR 39 and his hopes to reach out to socially conservative voters. “I’m honest I’m very bold

Rep. Diane Franklin speaks at a pro-life rally in front of the Columbia Planned Parenthood July 28, 2015.

MRL demands Senate action on HB 2069

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Leadership of the oldest and largest grassroots network in Missouri, Missouri Right to Life (MRL), sent a letter to Senate members Wednesday asking them to take legislative action to “address the scandalous prospect of the sale of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood.” The letter came from MRL President Steve Rupp,

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More questions arise over language in childhood education petition

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Raise Your Hands for Kids (RHY4K) has spent the better part of the last six months gathering signatures for an initiative petition that seeks to raise taxes on cigarettes to better fund early childhood education. However, a number of people within the Capitol have come out in opposition to measure because of provisions