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Greitens’ tax credit committee meets for first time

Greitens’ tax credit committee meets for first time

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Senators, representatives and the picks of Governor Eric Greitens gathered in Room 750 of the Truman Building on Thursday afternoon for the first meeting of the Governor’s Committee for Fair, Simple and Low Taxes. Their first meeting started late, as the three senators on the committee had been held up by


Greitens’ budget calls for more than $500 million in cuts

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – For weeks, people have speculated as how much money Gov. Eric Greitens would need to cut in order to balance the state’s budget. Now, the answer has arrived. Two weeks after his State of the State address, Greitens unveiled his budget for the 2018 fiscal year while speaking at the Nixa Early Childhood

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Koenig’s bill cuts funds from low-income housing, historical preservation tax credits

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Sen. Andrew Koenig has gotten a head start on Gov. Eric Greitens plan to reform the state’s tax credit system. During his campaign, Koenig repeatedly stressed the need for fiscal responsibility by specifically attacking the state’s current tax credit system, and his first major bill as a Senator would cut or


Five Senate bills on economic development that aren’t right-to-work

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Right-to-work has been the single-most talked about piece of legislation during the legislative session so far, but that is nearing its end. The passage of right-to-work is all but assured; during this week’s episode of This Week in Missouri Politics, House Speaker Todd Richardson said the bill would reach the desk

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Greitens forms special committee to audit tax credits

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Gov. Eric Greitens took to social media again to promote his newest executive order, one which may be his most impactful yet. The governor announced the formation of a new committee, the Governor’s Committee for Simple, Fair, and Low Taxes, to investigate Missouri’s tax credit scheme by judging it against other


Greitens outlines plans in State of the State address

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In his first address to Missouri’s General Assembly, Gov. Eric Greitens renewed his call to lead the Show-Me State in a new direction. The political outsider’s first State of the State address consisted of a number of GOP reforms, while noticeably lacking any discussion of the state’s budget, typically a major

Next governor will have to address transportation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Amid all the talk of “corrupt” politicians, gun rights and television ads, there hasn’t been much discussion during the governor’s race of a subject that directly affects most Missourians every day and will likely be a crucial element of the next governor’s tenure: transportation infrastructure. The state ranks 7th in the

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MHDC holds first hearing in road to funding new housing projects

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Missouri Housing Development Commission met in Columbia to hold a public hearing for the first round of permanent financing and tax credit applications across mid-Missouri. Roughly 100 people attended the hearing to pitch projects from Boonville to Osage Beach and Moberly to Warsaw. Two members of the commission heard from stakeholders

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Renewal of agriculture tax credits advances in the House

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Provisions to renew agriculture tax credit programs advanced in the House Thursday, passing unanimously through the Select Committee on Agriculture, and could see floor action this week. The three programs include the New Generation Cooperative Incentive Tax Credit Program, the Agricultural Product Utilization Contributor Tax Credit Program and the Qualified Beef

After passing the Senate, gas tax faces test in the House

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After passing the Senate on Wednesday night, gas tax legislation will move to the House where there could be bipartisan support for the increase despite stiff opposition. The Senate passed SB 623, sponsored by Sen. Doug Libla, R-Poplar Bluff, which would increase the gas tax of 17 cents per gallon by