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State Auditor Nicole Galloway details the findings of her Single Statewide Audit April 4, 2017 (Travis Zimpfer/MISSOURI TIMES)

Auditor, MATA urge Greitens to veto SB 43 over ‘Whistleblower Protection Act’

Auditor, MATA urge Greitens to veto SB 43 over ‘Whistleblower Protection Act’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The opposition to Senate Bill 43, a bill relating to workplace discrimination, was fierce during the 2017 legislative session. Opponents of the bill, including the ACLU, the NAACP, as well as a number of legislators, said that if it were passed into law, it would undermine civil rights protections, allow for

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Nixon vetoes photo voter ID law

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed a component of the photo voter ID package that passed the legislature this year, saying the law would disenfranchise voters. Nixon’s veto quickly drew the ire of Republican lawmakers who worked to pass the bill, saying he’s discounting the work they put in during the session to


UPDATED By the numbers: veto session

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri General Assembly is set to convene for this year’s veto session on September 16 – otherwise known in the Missouri Constitution as “the first Wednesday following the second Monday in September.” Two bills have already been overriden by the legislature during this regular session, leaving 17 bills to be considered


Republicans circle the wagons as veto session approaches

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — With a few short weeks left until lawmakers gather in the state capitol to weigh overrides to Gov. Jay Nixon’s vetoes, Republicans are counting votes on Right-to-Work and quietly amassing support for less controversial legislation. In the senate, lawmakers will have to consider HB 150, which dialed back unemployment benefits. The


Nixon vetoes loan regulation bill

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Governor Jay Nixon vetoed a bill Tuesday afternoon that would have increased the maximum fee for an open-ended loan from banks, credit unions and payday loan companies. Senate Bill 345, authored by Republican Jay Wasson from Springfield, would have increased the maximum fee from $75 to $100. Nixon vetoed the legislation because

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Missouri Democratic Party leads campaign of support for veto

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Democratic Party is rallying support from Missourians to show support for Gov. Jay Nixon’s imminent veto on “Right to Work” legislation. The Party’s executive director, Crystal Brinkley, emailed their followers, introducing the grassroots effort: Not long after Governor Jay Nixon vowed to veto the first ever ‘Right to Work’ bill


In Review: the biggest accomplishments of the legislative session

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A tumultuous final week featuring a high-profile resignation and a grinding work shutdown in the senate made for a legislative session that ended with more of a whimper than a bang. But despite the final hours, the Missouri legislature still moved forward on some major issues, recapped below. — SB 5,


“Strengthening Missouri Families Act” vetoed, legislature plans to override

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The “Strengthening Missouri Families Act,” which seeks to modify provisions of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), was vetoed by Governor Jay Nixon today at Operation Breakthrough in Kansas City. “Children already suffer lifelong consequences from poverty; penalizing them further for their parents’

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Centennial events start to take shape for MSCC

This is part of a series on the Missouri State Capitol Commission and their endeavors to repair, renovate, and restore the Missouri State Capitol.   JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In the last hours of veto session, HB 1359 failed to reach the senate floor after senate action halted following the abortion waiting period PQ. HB 1359 (and its companion SB