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Staff Feature: Rachel Hassani


by Collin Reischmanrachel1

Rachel Hassani started as an intern for then-senator Champion from Springfield, her hometown. Hassani called it “the single most valuable” part of her college experience.

Hassani’s favorite thing about working for Sen. Rupp? That he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Rupp, who she called “disciplined” has a lighter side, and is good at finding perspective, Hassani said.

Hassani enjoys working on workers compensation, stating plainly, “I want to fix it.” Although, she freely admits she never thought she would be passionate about the subject.

About 8 weeks ago, Hassani became enthralled in the issues surrounding workers comp, including second injury fund. Now, she’s elbow-deep in the issue.

“I’ve been obsessing over the minute details in the subsections that affect interest groups that run the gamut,” Hassani said. “Everyone has an opinion on this, finding a compromise to protect the workers and fix the system, I’m very interested in that compromise, in that process.”

Hassani said dealing

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 8.06.05 AM

with workers comp was Rupp’s “star legislation,” and “complicated, unlike anything I ever dove into before.”

There isn’t a lot of free time for Hassani to have a social life. Even her nightlife is work, whether it’s attending receptions or lengthy issue meetings, work doesn’t really stop. The few evenings she’s had to herself, she works out. No lates socializing, not after an 18-hour day.

One of Hassani likes Jefferson City for its central location, and the small town vide. Walking down high street and seeing ten people she knows is not unusual, and she doesn’t seem to mind.

Hassani doesn’t talk much about life after working for Senator Rupp.

“I’m really happy right here, so I’m trying not to miss the moment by worrying about the future,” Hassani said.

She told The Missouri Times that Rupp is a family man, maybe more than people realize. rachel 2

“I think people know he’s a family man, he’s really into his kids. He likes his kids,” Hassani said. “The man comes in on Monday and tells us in detail about the costume parties they create and the pillow forts his kids build in the living room. He loves them so much and he gets down on the floor and he plays with them.”

Hassani indicated that one-on-one conversations with citizens remain her favorite part of the job.

“It’s very fulfilling to know that by having a conversation with someone, you might make their life more manageable in some way,” Hassani said.