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Crowell Officially Throws His Hat Into the Ring For Congress


Staff Reports

Cape Girardeau, MO – One day removed from serving the 27th State Senate District Jason Crowell of Cape Girardeau has officially thrown his hat into the jason crowellring for Congress. “I took these weeks to consider it, and I just really keep coming back to the fact that our country is in terrible shape and sending another establishment Republican to Washington D.C. only to compromise with John Boehner is unacceptable to me. So I’m running for U.S. Congress.”

Crowell has a long history of clashing with Republican establishment interests even at times being at odds with retiring Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson. “It is true I have disagreed with the Congresswoman at times, most recently her vote to avoid the fiscal cliff by raising taxes. I am not a moderate I am a conservative and would vote that way in Washington”, said Crowell.

“If this committee is looking for a candidate who is a moderate they have plenty to choose from. If they are looking for someone to give conservative speeches a Lincoln Days only to cave in and vote moderate when the Speaker of the House twists their arm then they have plenty to choose from. I simply don’t trade my principles for pats on the back from the establishment”, said Crowell.

Crowell says he speaks from experience about withstanding pressure and making enemies. “I have had all the party big shots in my office in Jefferson City demanding I give in and support bonding bills that add to our debt, or to build stadiums with tax dollars. I looked them in eye each time and told them no, and when you tell them no you make enemies.”

casey crowellOne of the reasons Crowell says he has taken so long to jump into the race is that he is aware his enemies could attack him and the race could turn ugly. “Casey and I really had to think long and hard about whether to enter the race. It’s no secret I have enemies in the moderate wing of this party, and we saw first hand my last year in the Senate the extent they are willing to go. However, I believe its important that the 8th district is represented not only by a Republican but by a conservative Republican not afraid to stand his ground”, Crowell concluded.

The first of two forums will be held tonight in Salem. Over ten candidates have expressed interest in seeking the seat. In the latest 8th district Republican candidate top 10 list in the SEMO TIMES Crowell ranks number 4.

Below is the letter Crowell sent to committee members Wednesday afternoon:

Dear Committeewomen and Committeemen,

Thank you so very much for your service to our country, our state, our community and our party in this most important of times.  Washington, D.C. is starved for common sense conservative principled leadership.  Washington, D.C. is starved for leaders that will put principle above personal popularity.  After significant prayer, reflection and discussion my wife, Casey and I have decided to enter the race to earn your trust, confidence and vote to be the next United States Congressman for the 8th district.  I look forward to participating in the announced forums on January 10 in Salem and January 17 in Cape Girardeau.  I look forward to the opportunity to visit with each of you about your priorities and vision for our district, as well as share with you my principles, beliefs and background. 

Casey and I are asking for your trust, confidence and vote because we believe that life is a gift, a preacious gift, given by God that has one affirmative obligation, a covenant we have with each other, and that is to do all we can to leave our community better than it was given to us.  If you believe, like me, that we are failing in this regard and what is needed most are leaders who will stand up to the special interests, the establishment and President Obama when necessary, then Casey and I ask for your consideration.  

I have attached a bio for your review.  As you move forward in your process of evaluation, I invite you to review my record and would very much appreciate your calls and questions.  I look forward to visiting with each of you and I thank you for your consideration.