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Final TWMP of season talks minimum wage, Uber and much more


Saint Louis, Mo. — In the last episode of the season, This Week In Missouri Politics held an all-opinion maker panel with some of its most popular guests.

David Barklage, Lou Hamilton, Jane Dueker and Michael Sean Kelley all joined host Scott Faughn to discuss the minimum wage, Uber’s latest push to open business in St. Louis, the “culture” of Jefferson City, and much more.

This Week In Missouri Politics will remain on hiatus through the next several weeks of summer but will return in August. This week’s and all previous episodes can be streamed at


Excerpts from the show:

“If done correctly, Missourians see the value in raising the minimum wage. I think it’s properly a state issue. My only issue is not only the affect it has on business, but I just don’t think the City of Saint Louis has the legal authority to do it.” – Jane Dueker on minimum wage.

“I’m hopeful the mayor shifts his narrative here and really addresses the real issue here with is a tone deaf Republican Jefferson City who is turning it’s back on the people of Missouri.” – Mike Kelley on minimum wage .

“If you’re reporting on conduct not related to your official office I think that’s questionable. I think unfortunately it drives the narrative that we’ve seen…that we have a system that creates behavior or corruption that needs to be changed.” – David Barklage on the culture of Jefferson City.

“We want to do what the legislature requires, which is have the Missouri Highway Patrol do a national criminal background check based on fingerprints. It’s a one-time deal. The public has a reasonable expectation that when they get into a vehicle-for-hire that the driver isn’t a convicted felon, or a drug addict or someone with a history of violence toward others.” – Lou Hamilton on Uber regulations.