PSC approves changes to Ameren Missouri electric fuel and purchased power adjustment charge


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) approved a filing by Ameren Missouri at Wednesday’s meeting to adjust the fuel and purchased power adjustment charge (FAC) for Ameren’s electric customers.

Each one of Ameren’s 1.2 million electric customers across the state currently pays a FAC of approximately $4.62 per month, but now that will increase up to $5.08 per month near the end of September.

These changes come as a result of filings which sought to increase the rates to reflect higher costs of fuel and purchased power, off-system sales revenues and transportation. The FAC is intended to allow companies to recover up to 95 percent of its costs to encourage conservation of their fuel sources.

“Fuel adjustment charges are intended to help companies deal with volatility in fuel pricing,” the PSC’s release said. “The FAC tariff requires regular adjustments to reflect changes in prices the company has incurred for fuel and for wholesale power purchased to serve customers.”

The meeting also included a denial of a rehearing for Jimmie E. Small in his case against Ameren, and the dismissal of Monty Scroggins’ complaint against Kansas City Power & Light.