David Gregory Attracts Republican Support by Announcing Candidacy for Missouri District 96 Representative


OCTOBER 15, 2015, St. Louis, Missouri…David J. Gregory, a businessman, attorney and native of south St. Louis County, is attracting widespread Republican support since recently announcing his plans to run for Missouri state representative in District 96 for the seat held by Representative Mike Leara (R), who will term-out in 2016.

Gregory is a conservative Republican who earned a degree in accounting, a Masters of Business Administration, and a Juris Doctor (JD) from Saint Louis University. He is attracting strong support for his energetic ideas and attacks on legislators who are more loyal to special interest groups and big-dollar contributors than to voters.

“People are totally fed up with elected officials who ‘promise the world’ yet do nothing when they are elected except curry favor with lobbyists and collect a government paycheck until eligible for a government pension,” Gregory says.

“Missouri needs more energetic and committed Republican legislators who will deliver on their promises. We need more legislators with the skills necessary to implement effective budgeting and spending strategies. I am running for State Representative because I have those commitments and I have those skills and I want to take them to Jefferson City,” Gregory says.

Gregory is currently the treasurer of the Tesson Ferry Township Republican Club and member of the club’s Executive Board. In this executive role he helps establish the club’s operating budget and formulate goals and objectives, including fundraising for Republican candidates. Under his watch, the club is experiencing one of its greatest periods of financial surplus. 

“It’s time to elect a Republican leader who has successful, real-world experience in business — It’s time to elect a Republican leader with the energy and dedication to deliver on promises,” Gregory says.

“Increased taxes and bigger government are not the solution to our problems. We need to lower taxes and decrease government intervention. We need to protect seniors being driven from their homes because they are on fixed income and property taxes continue to rise. We can protect those seniors who have invested their entire lives in South County by locking in tax-rates for them.”

Many Republican Party leaders are endorsing Gregory for his energetic ideas and his ability to fight for conservative values for many years to come. “I’ve been urged to run for Missouri political office by many people who share my convictions that conservatives need to invest in their future by promoting more youthful and energetic representatives.” Current Missouri 96th District State Representative Mike Leara (R) says, “David Gregory has the energy, skills and youth we need for the future.”

“Nothing will ever change if we continue to elect politicians that don’t have a lot of time left to fight for our conservative values and are simply in office to collect a state pension,” Gregory says.

“I will run an aggressive campaign to help strengthen Missouri’s conservative values both now and in the future. I have the energy, I have the commitment, and I have the passion to deliver on my promises.” 

Ed Martin, the former chairman of the Missouri Republican Party and Jay Ashcroft, Republican candidate for Missouri Secretary of State; appeared and spoke at the “David Gregory for State Representative” golf tournament and fundraising event on Monday, October 12, at Tapawingo National Golf Club in Sunset Hills. The event was a huge success, attracting more than 100 local supporters for Gregory’s campaign.

For information, contact The Committee to Elect David Gregory by calling 314 707 1449 or see the website http://www.gregoryformissouri.com. To contact David Gregory, email david@gregoryformissouri.com.