LeVota talks Dem. Senatorial Committee preparation


By Ashley Jost

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — While there is still a lot of time before much of the legwork needs to be done, Sen. Paul LeVota, D-Independence, said the groundwork is being laid for the Missouri Democratic Senatorial Committee, in hopes for successful future elections.

Sen. Paul LeVota, D-Independence

Sen. Paul LeVota, D-Independence

The committee is made up of Democrats who are not involved in an election year, LeVota said, so currently there are about six members. He said they began attempting to organize the committee by having meetings with statewide Democrats to get as much input as possible.

LeVota was appointed chairman of the committee at the end of January. He said he has spent the time since looking at what has happened during the last two election cycles.

“It’s important as a caucus that we do what we can to help with our members’ reelection,” LeVota said, adding that the caucus picked up two seats during the last election.


In terms of fundraising plans, LeVota said the plans are similar to what other committees would seek to do: phone calls, events when possible, and as many other means to supplement assistance for the candidates.

“I think a key race is Jefferson County,” LeVota noted. “We want to make sure we keep that seat Democrat. Key races are keeping the areas we have. We’ll be figuring more out about other districts as it gets closer.”

He added that while the Senate committee currently has no plans to work with the companion House committee, it is not an option he has ruled out.

“With my experience in the House, the House committee will be more hands-on,” he said. “Our Senate committee is more driven by the candidate itself. Our committee might be helpful to the House if it comes down to it.”

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Ashley Jost

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