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Loftin to receive letters of support from anti-abortion community


COLUMBIA, Mo. – Religious leaders will deliver thousands of letters Friday to University of Missouri Chancellor Bowen Loftin supporting his role in ending contracts between Planned Parenthood and the university.

The letters will also ask university president Tim Wolfe to support Loftin, as well as giving them both credit for revoking the medical privileges at the University Hospital, which would enable the facility’s doctor to perform abortions at the Columbia Planned Parenthood affiliate.

“These life affirming leaders and the Missourians they represent, support MU’s actions to abide by Missouri law which prevents tax payer money from being used to assist or promote abortions, while protecting women and giving dignity to all human life,” wrote Kathy Forck, an anti-abortion advocate, in a statement.

Several entities at the Columbia campus, including student organizations and professors have criticized the decision for the college to end its contracts with the reproductive health care organization, calling it a cave to political pressure.