Clay Praises Missouri Supreme Court’s Reversal of Reggie Clemons’ Wrongful Murder Convictions


Says Ruling is a Victory for Justice, Constitutional Rights


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay (D) Missouri issued this first-person statement today after the Missouri Supreme Court threw out the first degree murder convictions of Reginald Clemons who had been sentenced to death for two murders on the Chain of Rocks Bridge in 1991.


“Today, the Missouri Supreme Court corrected a grave injustice.  This is a victory not just for Reggie and his family, but for the constitution and the rights that it guarantees to every American.

I have been advocating to save Reggie Clemons’ life for years and to have his convictions reversed.  Today’s ruling powerfully affirms my essential arguments regarding his case…police cannot be allowed to beat a confession out of a suspect, and prosecutors cannot be allowed to suppress evidence.

I also want to commend Court Special Master retired Judge Michael Manners for his diligent review of the facts which resulted in today’s remarkable victory for justice.  I offer my thanks and appreciation to the Missouri Supreme Court for their continuing efforts to restore trust in our judicial system by honestly addressing the many disparities that still prevent us from achieving equal justice under the law for all.”