Sitting representatives, and guest, give two cents to newly electeds

Rep. Josh Peters, D-St. Louis, gets sworn-in by House Speaker Tim Jones Wednesday morning.
Rep. Josh Peters, D-St. Louis, gets sworn-in by House Speaker Tim Jones Wednesday morning.

Staff Reports

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In lieu of the recent swearing-in of Rep. Josh Peters, and Monday’s swearing-in of Rep.-elect Mike Moon, The Missouri Times wanted the newly elected members the chance to hear from their peers, leaders and another important Capitol voices.

“Listen carefully, ask as many questions as you can, make alliances and friends on both sides if the aisle, be engaging and never lose your sense of purpose and principles. Always remember to take time for your family and friends and keep your sense of humor.”

— House Speaker Tim jones

“Answering the call to serve is not just an honor but a responsibility. Hang on for the ride of your life!”

— Rep. Vicki Englund 

“It’s the toughest month of the year to start, just don’t rush into any fights.”

— Rep. Stephen Webber 

“Always keep your word!”

— Rep.  Noel Torpey

“Take the time to get to know your fellow members, no matter what side of the aisle they sit. There is a great amount of knowledge and experience sitting in the House.  I have found my fellow legislators to be a valuable resource on a variety of subjects.”

— Rep. Rocky Miller 

“Read every bill.”

— Rep. John Wright

“Stay true to yourself and your beliefs.” When asked to further comment he repeated a piece of advice that was given to him on this first week in the legislature, “You ain’t all that.”

— Rep. Mike Colona

“Talk to everybody”

— Rep. Courtney Curtis

“Work hard, learn the rules, play well with others, and don’t be afraid to pick a fight every so often and you will be successful.”

— Rep. Jay Barnes

“Remember that you are here to represent the people of your district not the schools, the hospitals, the universities, or the businesses but the people who you represent.”

— Rep. Eric Burlison

“Get caught up on issues quick. There is no place to hide.”

— Rep. Kevin Enlger

“Build good relationships with your chairman.”

— Rep. Jeff Roorda

“Trust no one, except for me.”

— Rep. Jay Swearingen 

“Before sponsoring or signing anything, read it very thoroughly and know what it is. Stay close with your constituents and remain open-minded. Keep them in your mind and remember you are here to work for them.”

— Rep. Penny Hubbard

“Read everything twice before you co-sponsor something.”

— Rep. Keith English  

Last, but never least:

“Never lie to a reporter or to your colleagues. Your integrity is the most important thing they have in this arena. If they forfeit it once their credibility is forever damaged.”

— Bob Priddy