America Rising: Koster Remains Silent On Key Ethics Reform Legislation



With the start of the 2016 Missouri session rapidly approaching, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon weighed in on pressing ethics reform legislation pre-filed last week. Missouri’s top law enforcement official and Democrat gubernatorial hopeful Chris Koster has yet to offer his stance on one of the session’s most critical issues.


Nixon noted that the legislation was a step in the right direction but was not a strong as he’d like it to be. “Clearly some steps forward are important. I do think dealing with the revolving door is important, I do think dealing with gifts to everyone is important, and I think there are bills that come around those areas, perhaps not as strong as I’d like.”


Koster did not take the liberty of voicing his position on an issue where Missouri desperately needs substantial reform. Given Koster’s constant string of ethics complaints, it’s no surprise Koster has neglected to weigh in on the very regulations, which he has such trouble abiding by.


Jeff Bechdel

Communications Director, AR2