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Smith joins House Steering Committee


WASHINGTON D.C. – Missouri Congressman Jason Smith will serve on the Republican Steering Committee after being elected to the position by his House Republican colleagues Thursday. This particular committee chooses chairmanships and memberships on House Committees and as such is considered one of the most powerful in Congress.


Smith was one of the six at-large representatives chosen to be a part of the committee after it underwent a serious revamping last month when newly-chosen Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, assumed the role. The at-large representatives will be joined by Ryan and a rotating position from chairs of other House Committees.

Smith said he was excited for the chance to serve in such an impactful way for Missourians.

“It’s humbling to have your colleagues cast a ballot with your name,” said Smith following the secret-ballot election. “Since taking the oath of office, I have continuously focused on opportunities to better serve Missouri by developing relationships with conservative leaders. The trust they have placed in me today to help pick our next generation of committee leaders is a true honor.

“I will work to select conservative committee chairmen and members who will put House Republicans in the best position to hold this president accountable and push back against his agenda of more spending, more taxes, and big government.”

The last Missourian to be on the House steering committee was current U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt when he served in the House, before he served as House Minority Whip during the 110th Congress.