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Greitens: Koster Silent While His Party Threatens Gun Rights


St. Louis, MO – Democratic candidate for governor, Chris Koster, has remained silent while his party has launched an assault on lawful Missouri gun owners. This is just another example of why Chris Koster and his liberal agenda are wrong for Missouri.

Greitens Campaign Manager, Austin Chambers, released the following statement:

“Chris Koster is once again playing politics, trying to balance his liberal beliefs with his fake image during campaign season. His silence while President Obama threatens our second amendment rights sends a clear message to gun owners across Missouri that he is in fact no friend. When the going gets tough, he is quick to duck and hide like a typical politician. Chris Koster owes the people an answer: does he stand with President Obama or with lawful Missouri gun owners?

As governor, Eric Greitens will always fight on the frontlines against anyone who threatens the constitutional rights of Missourians. The federal government will know to take their fight elsewhere, because if they come to Missouri, they’ll lose.”

Eric Greitens previously issued the following statement:

“Once again President Obama doesn’t get it. He thinks that taking away your guns will stop criminals. He’s wrong. We know that you don’t stop criminals by taking away guns from law-abiding citizens. The truth is just the opposite. Criminals are stopped by law-abiding citizens with guns. We cannot, and I will not, allow our freedoms and constitutional rights to be swept away by this president. The time to fight back is now.”