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Release: Representative Mike Moon Sponsors Legislation to Create Gun Free Zone Liability Act


JEFFERSON CITY, MO – State Rep. Mike Moon thinks business owners who create gun free zones should be liable for any firearm-related harm done to patrons in the designated gun free area. Moon filed HB 2663 to make it clear that anyone prohibiting firearms on their property will assume responsibility for anyone who is permitted to carry a firearm who is harmed on the property.

Moon said the bill is necessary because gun free zones will only prohibit law-abiding gun owners from carrying their weapons, but will not stop criminals from bringing their weapons onto the property.

“In effect, if a business wants to make a law-abiding gun owner defenseless when he or she steps onto the property then the owner should be liable for any harm that results from that decision. This is just an additional layer of protection for Missourians who hold a concealed carry permit but are denied that right by business owners who mistakenly think they are making their premises safer by putting a gun free zone into effect,” said Moon, R-Ash Grove.

Moon’s legislation currently awaits assignment to committee for further discussion.