Cruz, Clinton best choices for Missouri primary


This year, the Missouri presidential primary matters, and Missourians are getting the chance to take a good look at the candidates. To us at The Missouri Times, there are two candidates that are best suited to lead their parties into the general election: Senator Ted Cruz and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Since the late 1960’s, the United States has been in decline. The greatest generation handed the greatest country ever known to mankind over to their children, the baby boomers. Suffering from rampant irresponsibility and entitlement, they have failed their forefathers, their country, and their children.

Coming of age in an era of protest and rioting, they failed to produce leaders who could unite the country or even pass a balanced budget. Shackled by an addiction to whining and the sound of their own voice, they have failed their children and grandchildren, tarnishing America on the world stage through pointless wars and flatly refusing to pay their bills.

The children of the 60’s, through their laziness demand the free government cheese, but their irresponsibility refuses to pay the bill, resulting in a bloated government billions of dollars in debt.

The faster the failed flower child generation is gone from leadership, the faster the next generation of Americans can get to work paying off their massive debt, and begin to rekindle the American dream for our children.


The person best suited to lead the next generation of Americans into the monumental task of fixing the failures of the previous generation is U. S. Senator Ted Cruz. He is the candidate who can build upon the energy and new voters that Donald Trump has brought to the party and unite them with the evangelicals to win a race over a third term of President Obama.

We find it appealing, just as a good House Speaker and Senate Pro Tem rarely get along, and we think it’s advantageous to the country that his U.S. Senate colleagues aren’t big fans of his. A good tension between branches of government isn’t the worst thing.

Perhaps most importantly, Senator Cruz is the most qualified candidate to select the next Supreme Court justice, and avoid another cataclysmic failure like Chief Justice Roberts.

Lastly, one of the early architects of the state’s dominant Republican Party, Jeff Roe, is running the Cruz campaign. It would be, as Trump says, “yuuuge” to have a Missourian that close to the President of the United States.

Speaking of Trump, you can’t really write about the race without tipping your “Make America Great Again” trucker hat to businessman Donald Trump. Many argue that it’s time for a president that signs the front of a paycheck instead of the back of one. He has excited a silent majority unlike anyone since Reagan.

However, there is a certain temperament the office of the presidency requires, and while his passion and toughness have proven to be a great elixir for what’s been ailing the Republican Party, too many question if Trump has the temperament to be president.

Attending his rally in St. Louis was enough to make anyone realize that while the country needs the tough medicine he is giving it, it’s unlikely he can win a general election as the one doling it out. He is also another candidate from the failed generation that has so let our nation down. It’s just simply time for a new generation of leaders.

Senator Marco Rubio would have been a natural fit for our endorsement, but he simply hasn’t caught on with the Party. He isn’t even campaigning in the state. Governor John Kasich, while perhaps the most impressive candidate of the entire field, simply doesn’t appear to have a path to the nomination.

It’s a fair point that Cruz may need some help reaching women voters in the fall. While he is in the state this weekend we would encourage him to take a long look at Congresswoman Ann Wagner, as she would be an excellent running mate.  

Cruz is the best choice to unite the Republican Party, pick the successor to Scalia, and bring us together to begin to fix the mistakes of the last generation.


Secretary Hillary Clinton would best lead the Democrats in the fall. It seems an oddity that a party that trumpets its support of minority and younger voters could only field two elderly Caucasian candidates, but Clinton seems the more spry of the two, and to boot is not a self-described socialist.

It’s been alarming to see states, even some that border Missouri, vote for a candidate who is a self-proclaimed socialist in Vermont U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders. For those who are poor students of history, socialism has never worked. At some point you simply run out of other people’s money.

For those voters who are too young to know that Fuller House is actually based on the 90’s show Full House, Google U.S.S.R. for a refresher course. Free everything for everybody is all well and good until the politburo forms the bread lines.

Secretary Clinton would be a competent leader, and likely should have been president 8 years ago. One can only hope her comments praising President Obama’s record of socialism and misery are insincere.

Joyce Aboussie, a powerful Democratic fundraiser and activist, with President Clinton
Joyce Aboussie, a powerful Democratic fundraiser and activist, with President Clinton

Clinton’s close ties with St. Louis political icon Joyce Aboussie can assure Missourians that there is someone who could get the President’s ear on our behalf, as we are sorely lacking in relevance with the Obama administration as the impending NGA decision may show. Tapping Crystal Brinkley to run her Missouri campaign means that she will run a good campaign and be in good position to win Missouri’s primary.

Secretary Clinton is well prepared for the job and would almost assuredly be a better president than presidential candidate.