SB572 passes senate, sent back to fiscal review


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – SB572, dubbed as the second act to last year’s SB5 offered also by Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Glendale, passed unanimously in the Senate Tuesday.

SB572 seeks to modify provisions relating to municipal courts, local abatement ordinances, and disincorporation procedures.

Additionally, the bill sets a minimum standard by requiring an annual audit of St. Louis County municipality finances, sets nuisance abatement ordinances, removes liability from the state if a municipality is financially insolvent, prohibits municipal judges from serving on more than five courts, sets standards for disincorporation procedures, restricts height and weight limits in commercial zones in Lone Jack and Strasburg, and redefines terms and limits related to court costs.

If passed by the House and signed by the Governor, the bill would limit municipal ordinance violation fines and remove court costs for those deemed “indignent.”

The bill had a busy day, passing out of the House’s Fiscal Review Committee, then going to the House floor – where the House refused to adopt the CCR and requested further conference. The Senate granted the conference, a new CCR was offered and adopted and the bill was then taken up and passed by the Senate.

The bill now lies in conference.