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Brunner promotes prayer in light of SJR 39 failure


ST. LOUIS – Republican candidate for governor John Brunner expressed continued disappointment in the death of SJR 39 in an email to supporters on Tuesday, turning his attention towards “God’s provision” and promoting an upcoming prayer rally in Jefferson City.

“All of us were deeply distressed by the failure to defend our religious liberties in the outcome of SJR 39,” Brunner emailed supporters. “Religiously conservative small business owners can now be put out of business simply for living by the dictates of their faith. It’s a surreal state of affairs that, in a country that was founded on the very idea of religious liberty, such liberty is now under assault.”


On May 17, the Franklin Graham Decision America tour will stop in Jefferson City, where Brunner said he will be present.

“Now more than ever, our country is in need of God’s provision. Believers will be coming from all over Missouri on May 17 to pray for our state and nation; I’ll be there and I hope you’ll consider joining me. We’ll be joined by Franklin Graham as part of his Decision America Tour. There will be a rally on the Capitol steps beginning at noon on the 17th followed by a prayer event in the Capitol Rotunda at 1:30pm.”

Brunner will also be distributing copies of his book ‘Battlefield Verses.’

“Religious liberty is under assault in our state and nation,” he wrote. “Please consider joining me and other prayer warriors in the State Capitol on May 17 as we come together to pray for our country.”