Release: House Democrats raise more than $4,000 to help the hungry


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The House Democratic Caucus Hunger Awareness Food Drive has collected more than $3,000 worth of food and other essential items, plus another $1,000 in monetary donations. House Democrats launched the food drive on May 3 in response to Republican policies that in recent years have increased hunger and food insecurity in our state.

The collections gathered by House Democrats in Room will be donated to the Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri, along with other food pantries in the state.

“Very little help from struggling Missouri families comes from the State Capitol these days,” said House Minority Leader Jake Hummel, D-St. Louis. “Since the majority party hasn’t shown interest passing laws to address serious problems like hunger, House Democrats have taken what action we could to ensure that at least a few less children will go hungry next week.”

In just the last year, the Republican-controlled legislature has enacted laws that resulted in more than 6,300 children losing their welfare benefits and cut the maximum weeks of unemployment benefits by nearly one-third.