Release: Sen. Will Kraus issues an SOS to “Show Our Signatures”


With the legislature’s passage of photo identification for voters, some are questioning the fate of a similar campaign for an initiative petition that failed earlier this month.

Sen. Will Kraus (R-Lee’s Summit) is urging those who signed the petition, organized by Jay Ashcroft, to demand an explanation on why he failed to turn in the signatures. 

“We signed the petition in good faith and want our voices heard,” said Kraus. “I’m calling for an S.O.S. – to ‘show our signatures.'” 

In 2015, Jay Ashcroft started an initiative petition drive and said he could collect nearly 300,000 signatures. On May 8, 2016, the required turn-in date for signatures, Ashcroft failed to turn in a single initiative petition signature. 

“Jay made a lot of promises to people and then failed to turn in a single petition,” said Kraus. “He failed to turn in the signatures and he failed to come to the capitol and testify in favor of the legislation.”

“The entire process makes you wonder if it was just a political stunt to collect contact information for potential supporters,” said Kraus. “Whatever the case may be, those voters that signed the petition failed to have their voice heard.”

Upon passage of Voter ID legislation in Jefferson City, Ashcroft paid for a sponsored ad on Facebook mentioning the initiative petition and telling Missouri voters that “our efforts have succeeded.” Claiming credit for his failed initiative petition, Ashcroft also thanked those Missourians that signed the petitions that he failed to turn in.

“I was disappointed Jay failed to get involved in the state capitol and testify in support of the proposals in the house or senate,” said Kraus. “He failed to do anything to help the cause in the General Assembly, but somehow took full credit once it was passed.”

“This is the type of political failure and double-speak that turns off voters,” said Kraus.

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