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30 days ahead of election, Sassmann focuses on Missouri’s recovery


Bruce Sassmann, Republican candidate for Missouri House Representative of District 62, is focusing on getting Missouri back to work and reducing government control over the economy. As the state begins to restart after the pandemic lockdowns, Sassmann has wasted no time in connecting with constituents.

“We have a lot of work to do,” said Sassmann, who has spent the summer knocking on the doors of his district with his wife, Jan. “Voters are concerned about the overreach of government and worried about their own financial futures. We can’t afford to make life any harder for these people and we can’t risk putting someone in office with so few adult life experiences. Now is a time for real leadership, time for someone with the understanding of what our family businesses need most.”

Bruce Sassmann is the retired director of his family’s funeral home service and a former small business owner of Bland Corner Market in Bland, Missouri. He also currently serves on the advisory board for a community bank. He believes that local businesses are the backbone of our state and has vowed to bring unwavering support for them to the state capitol.

“Like President Coolidge said almost one hundred years ago, ‘The chief business of the American people is business.’ When our small businesses thrive, our communities thrive. As a lifetime conservative Republican, I will always support our hard-working entrepreneurs and their dedicated employees. I will never vote to close down the state and hurt our local shops, restaurants, and service providers, because I say, here in Missouri, we are open for business!”

In addition to his business background, Sassmann formerly sat on the Meramec Regional Planning Commission and the Meramec Regional Development Corporation. He credits the insight these experiences have provided for him as critical for someone pursuing the office of state representative.

“Being able to bring the knowledge I’ve acquired from these boards to the state legislature will provide me—and ultimately our communities—with a distinct advantage of intellectual resources and relationships to get things done. I am a man who likes to see plans made and tracks laid, not sit around rubbing elbows and wasting time.”

While getting Missouri back on track after the COVID-19 scare remains the most demanding priority, Sassmann has also listed other top issues of focus for his campaign. Expanding pro-life policies, upholding gun ownership rights, and limiting government interference remain on his shortlist of goals.

“I have always supported the right to life, and to be honest, it saddens me that such a statement has become so controversial these days. I stand firm in my belief that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, and I will always turn to the Constitution as my guide for how government should operate.”

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