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Limbaugh endorses Kinder for governor


Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder can now boast that one of the most recognizable and conservative voices in the country has endorsed his campaign for Missouri governor. Rush Limbaugh, who hosts a nationally syndicated talk show heard by millions, has thrown his weight behind Kinder in a campaign ad that began airing across the state earlier this week.

“Endorsing is something Rush rarely does,” Kinder said. “I am humbled and grateful for his belief in my campaign for governor.”

In the 30-second spot, Limbaugh points out that he and Kinder are “lifelong friends” who grew up together in their home town of Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Lt. Gov. Kinder
Lt. Gov. Kinder

“Now that proves that he has great taste in friends,” Limbaugh said in his trademark bravado, “and his conservative values prove he’s got good judgment in government.”

Limbaugh talks briefly about Kinder’s time in the Senate where, as president pro tem, Limbaugh said that Kinder attacked waste, banned taxpayer funded travel for politicians and slashed senate spending by 20 percent.

Kinder is running in the Aug. 2 primary against former House Speaker and U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway, businessman John Brunner and former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens.

In an email to supporters touting the Limbaugh endorsement, Kinder said that their families remain close to this day. Kinder also recounts that Limbaugh’s father was active in the Republican Party and was constantly teaching both he and Limbaugh about conservative principles.

“Those talks around the Limbaugh’s dinner table shaped my conservative ideology and political views into what they are today,” Kinder said.