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2016 July Quarterly Reports: Governor


This post will be updated as reports are filed.

Contributions represent money reported last quarter. Total receipts are money reported for the election cycle. Expenditures are money spent the last quarter.

Candidate Contributions Total receipts Expenditures Cash on Hand Indebtedness
Chris Koster $3,487,147.00 $14,587,183.42 $738,885.25 $10,193,195.38 $36,095.65
Catherine Hanaway $1,793,766.44 $4,527,039.08 $2,028,687.09 $1,358,682.84 $14,781.12
John Brunner $348,387.64 $6,011,447.91 $2,651,621.18 $1,933,321.61 $4,000,000.00
Eric Greitens $1,022,916.00 $6,277,663.34 $2,912,216.92 $2,218,432.32 $3,136.78
Peter Kinder $679,255.01 $1,616,473.00 $632,854.90 $618,726.39 $12,893.33

“Attorney General Koster has spent his career fighting for people who can’t fight for themselves by prosecuting criminals, cracking down on Medicaid fraud, and going after Wall Street,” said Andrew Whalen, Koster’s spokesman. “His proven record of doing what’s right for Missourians is why he has seen such broad support across the state. As Governor, he will continue to work across party lines to find fiscally responsible solutions to grow the economy, fund public education, and create good paying jobs in every corner of Missouri.”Statements from campaigns: