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SNEAK PEEK: Greitens Campaign Issues New Hunting Permits


From the Missouri Democratic Party:

Jefferson City, MO – The Missouri Democratic Party was able to get a preview of Eric Greitens’ newest hunting permit, and we’re excited to give everyone a sneak peek. The Pokemon Hunting Permit proves Eric is committed to real issues, not just gimmickry and publicity stunts.

Now, Missourians will finally have the documentation they need to “catch ‘em all.”

Eric often reminds voters, “We need leadership that’s willing to engage in the hard battles that are right in front of us.”  However, we did not realize he was alluding to his plan to catch all the pesky pokemon coming into Missouri.

Luckily, Eric’s new mission will be well-funded by out-of-state billionaires, much like his campaign. With their support, he’s sure to be a Pokemon master in no time.

“This is further proof that Mr. Greitens has put together a substantive campaign and is not afraid to take on the tough issues,” said David Turner, spokesman at the Missouri Democratic Party. “We are still trying to determine if Eric is for or against embryonic stem cell research. Hopefully, making the choice between using Squirtle or Charmander will be an easier decision for him. Missouri voters deserve to know.”

There is no word yet whether limited edition Ash Ketchum signed permits will be on sale, but be on the lookout for those as well.