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A Letter from Rep. Alferman regarding Jay Ashcroft


Fellow Patriot,

This November, Missourians will finally have an opportunity to vote on an amendment to implement a common sense photo voter ID law.

I was proud to sponsor legislation this year in the Missouri legislature that will implement a voter ID law because we must protect our elections from fraud. It’s imperative that we protect your votes from being stolen by those who seek to cheat our elections.

Missourians wouldn’t have the opportunity to vote on this important measure in November if it wasn’t for Jay Ashcroft.

As a private citizen, Jay sponsored a photo voter ID amendment, traveled the state and helped lead this important fight. He sponsored a measure even stronger than what passed the State Senate and because of him, voter ID will become law in Missouri this November.

Jay is the kind of consistent conservative champion we need as our Secretary of State. His work fighting for election integrity is unparalleled.

I urge you to join me in supporting Jay in the Republican Primary on August 2nd.

Justin Alferman

Missouri State Representative, District 61, Hermann