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RELEASE: Koster Campaign Announces Veterans For Koster

St. Louis – Today, Koster for Missouri announced a new leadership council, Veterans for Koster. Veterans across Missouri are joining the campaign to support policies to create progress for Missouri’s military families and veterans.
Attorney General Chris Koster has detailed plans to improve life for Missouri’s veterans when they return home. Koster has promised to expand access to quality healthcare, raise wages, improve job training, and fight the opioid crisis. These are issues important to all Missourians, but acutely affect the state’s veteran community.
With Chris Koster as Governor, Missourians who made incredible sacrifices for their country will always receive the support they need. Koster’s plan to expand Medicaid will cut into the numbers of uninsured veterans and improve healthcare outcomes for everyone. His fight to raise wages and protect job training will ensure that veterans do not struggle to provide for their families. Koster’s advocacy for a prescription drug monitoring program would combat the opioid crisis, an epidemic disproportionately affecting veterans.
“Attorney General Koster is the clear choice for Missouri’s military families and veterans,” said Veterans for Koster Co-chair Sam Gladney. “His substantive campaign has offered concrete plans to address many of the obstacles affecting Missouri veterans. We will continue to talk to our fellow veterans to discuss his candidacy and policy positions.”
“I am backing Attorney General Koster’s campaign because he is focused on moving Missouri forward,” said Veterans for Koster Co-chair Greg Davison. “Myself and my fellow veterans want a governor who will outline tangible solutions to address access to healthcare and boosting our economy.”
In reaction to the launch, Attorney General Koster said, “I am humbled and honored to receive the support of so many Missouri veterans. Their bravery and commitment to public service is an example to us all. Together, we will work to make sure our state serves its veterans and their families as honorably as they have served their country.”
Veterans for Koster will organize outreach events throughout the state, including efforts to get out the vote in the days preceding election day.
Veterans and military families looking to join Veterans for Koster can sign up at