PSC approves KCP&L GMO rate case agreement


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Public Service Commission approved a stipulation agreement in the Kansas City Power and Light – Greater Missouri Operations (GMO) rate case, among other items approved at Wednesday’s agenda meeting.

The GMO rate case was required under the fuel adjustment charge. They must submit a rate case every four years. Overall, it led to a less than 1 percent rate increase for GMO ratepayers.

Notably, the agreement combines two jurisdictions under the GMO-wide rate structure. Those jurisdictions are the areas previously served by St. Joseph Light and Power and Missouri Public Service.

The non-unanimous stipulation agreement was approved 5-0 by the commission.

The commission also made some rulings regarding Ameren Missouri. They voted 5-0 to support a tariff for Ameren’s electric vehicle proposal. In voting to support the tariff, they voted not to consolidate it with Ameren’s pending rate case.

The commissioners noted that they did not want to delay the electric vehicle program, which could have happened had it been combined with the rate case.

They also established 13 public hearings for Ameren’s current pending case. Chairman Daniel Hall noted that Missouri’s public hearing system was one of the most extensive in the nation.

“Thirteen, I think, is a very large number. It is a reasonable number,” he said.

Hall also lauded Missouri for its improvement on the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s 2016 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. The state was the most improved in the nation, jumping 12 spots on the report.