TWMP: Lester Turilli, the Washington University debate and Greitens’ surge


On Sunday’s episode of This Week in Missouri Politics, Lester Turilli Jr. talks about his independent candidacy for governor with host Scott Faughn, his status as the only person in the race with pro-life beliefs, his support for SJR 39 and his hopes to reach out to socially conservative voters.

“I’m honest I’m very bold in saying that I’m a Christian and I follow Christ.,” he said. “I’m being led by my heart.”

He also talks about his life as a business owner trying to get into politics.

On the opinion maker panel, Faughn welcomes Susan Klein from Missouri Right to Life, former Speaker Tim Jones, candidate for St. Louis mayor Alderwoman Lyda Krewson and friend of the show Jeff Mazur. They preview Sunday’s presidential debate at Washington University, discuss last week’s vice-presidential debate, and some of the gaffes that Trump has committed in the past two weeks regarding his tax returns.

“I think even if you do own a business, most responsible businesses understand their fair share in taxes,” Krewson said.

They also discuss the merits and pitfalls of a potential Hillary Clinton presidency, what Donald Trump can learn from Mike Pence’s debate performance, the tightening governor’s race, and the tax return controversy.

“No matter who wins the governor’s race, we’re going to have a better governor,” Jones said. “Jay Nixon’s been a failure of a governor.”

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