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Several house candidates behind on filing Missouri Ethics Commission quarterly report


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Several House candidates have not filed an October Quarterly Report with the Missouri Ethics Commission and face accumulating fines until the reports are filed.

The candidates include Democrats and Republicans and current representatives, including members in or running for leadership positions.

Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, R-Carrollton; Travis Maupin, a Democrat running against Rep. David Wood in the 58th District; Rep. Alan Green, D-Florissant; Rep. Karla May, D-St. Louis; and Bobby Johnston, a Democrat running against Rep. Robert Ross in the 142nd District, have not yet filed their quarterly reports.

Committees who file quarterly reports late face $10-a-day fines from the Missouri Ethics Commission. After 30 days, those fines increase to $100 a day up to a total of $3,000.

However, if a committee files a limited activity report, even if it is late, it will not be fined.

Committees are sent reminder emails to the addresses filed with the commission before the filing deadlines. Committees that don’t turn in reports receive additional reminder emails after the deadline has passed. If committees don’t turn in a report at all, the commission could initiate an audit of the committee.

Committees must turn in “Eight Day Before Election” reports on Tuesday. If those reports are late, they start at $100-a-day fines.