MOGOV Countdown: Day 6


One week out from Election Day, and the Missouri gubernatorial race is officially in a dead heat.

A new statewide poll by Public Policy Polling shows Koster leading Greitens, 47-44.

Meanwhile, a new Missouri Times poll shows the Republican leading by one point, 46-45.

The executive director of the Missouri Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Federal Ethics Commission against Greitens and his campaign. Crystal Brinkley says Greitens’ campaign violated federal law when his campaign committee paid for get-out-the-vote mail supporting a candidate for Federal office with funds from his Missouri campaign committee.

“The latest mailer is just another flagrant violation of campaign finance laws by Eric Greitens, taking us to new heights in terms of necessary investigations into a shady GOP gubernatorial campaign,” Brinkley said. “The number of agencies who have to investigate Eric Greitens continues to grow, as Greitens’ campaign makes FIFA look like an upstanding and rule-abiding organization. Eric Greitens should focus less on lecturing others about ethics, and more on working to end his own unethical and illegal campaign practices. We hope the FEC will quickly investigate this violation and take action before the election.”

The complaint can be viewed here.

On the campaign trail, Eric Greitens continued his work in the southern half of the state, hosting town halls in Houston and Salem on Wednesday morning. The Republican then turned to Springfield and Joplin, where he joined Senators Roy Blunt and Ted Cruz at rallies.


Koster Contributions for November 2nd:

Missouri Democratic State Committee – $96,726.00

Missouri Democratic State Committee – $19,220.00

Missouri Drive Fund – $10,000.00

Teamsters Local #245 PAF – $40,000.00

Sam Fox – $50,000.00

Heavy Constructors Association PAC – $50,000.00

Sheet Metal Workers’ Political Action League – $50,000.00


Greitens Contributions for November 2nd:

Brad Bedell – $10,000.00

Thomas Stillman – $10,000.00

MacLean-Fogg Company – $25,000.00

Karen Meara – $25,000.00