Democratic House and Senate caucuses choose new leaders


House Democrats met at the Missouri Credit Union House to elect new leaders for their party.

Rep. Gail McCann Beatty, D-Kansas City
Rep. Gail McCann Beatty, D-Kansas City

Rep. Gail McCann Beatty, D-Kansas City, was elected as the new minority floor leader for the Democrats, beating out Rep. Karla May. Rep. Gina Mitten, D-St. Louis, will serve as the assistant minority chair, and Rep. Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia, is the new minority whip.

Kendrick is the only new member of leadership of the trio as McCann Beatty has been the assistant minority floor leader for the past four years and Mitten has served as the minority caucus chair for two years.

Beatty called her ascension to the post humbling.

“I appreciate the support that my caucus has given me, and hopefully I will live up to their expectations,” she said. “My goal is to work with all my members of my caucus to look at ways that we can grow the caucus over the next few cycles and continue to push those things that are important to Democrats.”

Outgoing Rep. Jake Hummel and outgoing Rep. John Rizzo, the minority floor leader and minority whip will both serve in the Senate next session.

The minority caucus also elected new leaders. The new caucus chair is Rep. Michael Butler, the vice chair is Rep. Randy Dunn, and the caucus secretary will be Rep. Daron McGee.

The new policy chair is Rep. Deb Lavender, replacing outgoing Rep. Kimberly Gardner.

In the Senate, Sen. Gina Walsh replaced former Sen. Joe Keaveny to become the minority floor leader. Sen. Kiki Curls became the assistant minority floor leader, Sen. Jason Holsman will serve as the caucus chair and Sen. Jamilah Nasheed will be the minority whip.

Walsh served as the previous assistant minority floor leader, Curls is the former caucus chair and Holsman was the former caucus secretary.

Legislators and legislators-elect also showed off new coalitions and caucuses on social media.