Governor-elect Greitens plans for transition


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Governor-elect Eric Greitens has used the past three days to prepare for the two-month long transition into office, according to senior advisor Austin Chambers.

In a conference call Friday morning, Chambers spoke with reporters to outline what Greitens plans to do in the future to maintain a smooth transition to power, stating that they began preparing for his administration just hours after his convincing 6-point victory became official.

“Eric was adamant that we got to work immediately, and that’s what happened,” Chambers said.

Since Wednesday morning, Greitens has met with the Republican House and Senate Caucuses, as well as Republican leadership in the Capitol. Chambers said Greitens also received briefings from the Office of Administration regarding information about the budget and other parts of the executive branch.

Gov. Jay Nixon also met with the governor-elect in his office Thursday, and that evening, he and First Lady Georgeanne Nixon had dinner with Greitens and his wife Sheena in the Governor’s Mansion, where he gave the next first couple of Missouri a tour of the home he has occupied for eight years.

Chambers said Nixon has been extremely helpful thus far in ensuring a peaceful and successful transition of power.

“Eric was elected to serve every Missourian, not just the people who voted for us,” he said. “That relationship with Gov. Nixon over the next few months is going to be critical.”

Chambers added that the Greitens family has planned on moving into the Governor’s Mansion, not staying at their home in St. Louis County, and that Sheena would continue teaching and researching at the University of Missouri in her current position.