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Zach Hedrick Paints Politics with a Broad Brush


by Scott Faughn

FayUniversity of Arkansas graduate and Dexter, Missouri native Zach Hedrick was recently awarded a prestigious internship with Arkansas Representative Rick Crawford.  This internship comes as a welcome opportunity, and will allow Zach to explore his long-running interest in the political process while expanding on his invaluable past experiences in this field.

From working on political campaigns in middle school, to serving in numerous leadership organizations, Hedrick has demonstrated a strong inclination to serve his community at large. Though Zach has always been interested in politics, his interactions with now District Court Judge Rob Mayer helped fuel his desire to learn more about how government works and how he can be a part of the process. Coming from a family with a strong history in education and agriculture, Zach saw firsthand that hard work, perseverance, and creative thinking might help anyone achieve their goals. He believes that the United States affords these opportunities to every citizen, and that the careful, responsible government maintains the integrity of what makes this nation great.

mundX-4NgL-0m92DE01SvIXLtkeNsdYiYliN8HtKMR8While Zach participated in groups to further his understanding of leadership, such as the Young Republican Club, the Future Farmers of America and the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity, he also looked to political leaders for inspiration. With the help of Parma businessman Barry Aycock, Zach met with Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, who further motivated him to consider a political career.

Zach’s education, as well as his interactions with inspiring politicians, has affirmed his belief that strong values, traditional ideals and common sense are the backbone of a successful nation. Having recently received his B.S. in Public Relations from the University of Arkansas, Zach hopes to continue learning about the intricate inner-workings of the U.S. government and perhaps one day, contribute to its’ political processes. He views his internship with Representative Crawford, running through July 2013, as a crucial and invaluable first step. He hopes to expand his education with some practical, real-world experience on the frontlines of our government, and gain a greater understanding of how it works, and how he can contribute to making our country great.