TWMP: Sen. Paul Wieland, right-to-work and Senate drama


On this Sunday’s episode of This Week and Missouri Politics, Sen. Paul Wieland, R-imperial, stops by the program to discuss the drama in the Missouri over a pay raise resolution. He and host Scott Faughn talk about some senators’ decision to recuse themselves from voting on HCR 4, his own decision to vote ‘yes’ on the resolution, and Wieland’s contentious one-on-one meeting with Gov. Eric Greitens.

“The governor was of the opposite opinion of me, he wanted me to follow his lead on this particular issue.,” Wieland said. “I don’t respond well to pressure, and after that meeting I was more determined to vote no than I was before that meeting. Those tactics just don’t work with me.”

He also discussed how he reconciled, the passage of the right-to-work bill, tort reform efforts in the General Assembly, and the budget

Spencer Fane attorney Jane Dueker, James Harris from the James Harris Company, as well as Rep. Dean Plocher, R-St. Louis, and Rep. Steven Roberts Jr., D-St. Louis join the opinion-maker panel. They talk about right-to-work finally becoming law in the state of Missouri and how it will impact the state’s economy.

“I do think Missouri will see some short-term or immediate benefits, and long-term, I think they’ll be even better,” Plocher said.

The also discuss the Senate filibuster and possible rift between Greitens and some members of the body, and the impact of social media in government.

“I don’t think it was necessary for [Greitens] to go out and push back on them after he got the result that he needed,” Roberts said.

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