TWMP: Lyda Krewson, the minimum wage fight and an audit of Mizzou


On Sunday’s episode of This Week in Missouri Politics, the Democratic nominee for Mayor of St. Louis Lyda Krewson joins Scott Faughn to discuss her victory last Tuesday over a strong field and a surprisingly strong showing from City Treasurer Tishaura Jones. They talk about her plan to solve St. Louis’ crime problem, how to unite the Democratic Party, and what kind of input she’ll look forward too from her former opponents.

“Every single one of the candidates who ran in the Democratic primary is serious about making St. Louis better, better for all of us,” Krewson says. “It was a strong field, and I appreciate being the winner in that field, but they all have something to offer as we move forward.”

On the opinion maker panel, Faughn is joined by Reps. Donna Baringer, D-St. Louis, and Paul Curtman, R-Union, Husch Blackwell’s Jay Atkins and, for the first time, Titus Bond of Remington Research Group who explains how their polls on the mayor’s race were so correct with the glaring exception of Jones, who had nearly double the vote percentage as was indicated in Remington and The Missouri Times’ polls.

“What we saw was almost a 33 percent spike in turnout, which is a huge number talking about a municipal primary. Turnout was double what it was eight years ago,” Bond says. “So what we’ve seen is a huge influx of voters into the Democratic primary. With Tishaura, the easy answer is three African-Americans in the race, they split vote and Lyda won, but Tishaura over-exceeded when you combine the other African-Americans in the race… her support was broad into white wards, which means what we’re seeing here is a Bernie Sanders-socialist, Democrat primary voter that turned out for Tishaura.”

The panel talked about the results of the Democratic primary for the race for mayor and Krewson’s victory, State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s audit of the University of Missouri, but they also discussed the divide between progressive and moderate Democrats and the major battle in the Missouri House this week over the minimum wage bill.

“Wedon’t want to throw off investor confidence in our state and tell people ‘You can move to our state, but things are likely to change at the whims of local government boards,’ ” Curtman says. “People need to be able to have confidence in the state government as far as our investment in infrastructure goes.”

This episode of TWMP will air at 11:00 a.m. in the St. Louis area on ABC 30 KDNL, in the Kansas City area on 38 the Spot at 10:00 a.m. and in mid-Missouri on KRCG at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, February 19. The show is available online at 11:00 a.m. at